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It’s Chub Rub Season—10 Products To Battle It

It’s Chub Rub Season—10 Products To Battle It

10 Products to Fight Chub Rub

Hey girls! It’s that time again! Sundress & shorts season is among us! It even came a littler earlier this year! Not mad, I’m just saying I could have used a few extra days of the coolness of spring lol! But hey! Summer can be a girl’s best friend, as long as she has the tools to handle the infamous chub rub that comes with the season’s fashions. All of us curvy ladies have experienced it and if you haven’t be thankful! You know, that lovely feeling of your luxurious thighs getting snuggly in the summer heat? To the point that you have to reinvent your walk to make it through the rest of the day? Yep good ol’ chub rub! It’s like the peanut butter to thick thighs’ jelly lol!

From summer to summer, rash to rash it has taken me FOREVER and a day to find chub rub solutions that work. I needed the products to be inexpensive,  long lasting, and easy to use. So here are my top 10 Anti-Chub Rub products, I’ve done the research and the trial and error, so you won’t have to!

It’s Chub Rub Season—10 Products To Battle It



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Now that your anti-chub rub arsenal is full, time to stock up! Chub rub season is upon us! Whether you choose to use garments, scrubs, powders, or gels you can relax knowing you’ll be prepared! Enjoy the best time of the year loving your thighs, not having your thighs love on each other too much. Stock up now so that once the full blaze of summer hits us you’ll be locked and loaded! I’m sure these items are going to fly off the shelves!

Have you tried any of these chub rub remedies and ideas? What are some of your go to solutions or measures of prevention? Let me know in the comments!

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