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Around ATL: The Chrisette Michele Pose and Post Event

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I know that I am loving Atlanta and the events, people, scenery, and lifestyle- both laid back and busy. As I make myself comfortable in this new city, I had the chance to attend Chrisette Michele’s 8th stop on the Pose and Post Symposium Tour and chat her up a bit about her style and listen to her panel share a few key pointers and tips when it comes to building up your social media presence!

But first, can we talk about how hyped I was that she knew who I was? Like, I could not stop cheesing on the inside… I mean. Eek! The event started off with media interviewing Miss Chrisette, and when it was my turn, I plopped on the couch and we chatted like girlfriends. (In my head, we were) I loved how friendly, playful, and engaging she was!

Around ATL: The Chrisette Michele Pose and Post Symposium Recap

I had the chance to ask her a few questions about being a curvier artist, fashion, and being in the entertainment industry and her answers were sooooo refreshing to hear!


On being curvier in the Industry:

I had never really thought about that before! For me it was all about being an artist… but now? Confidence is a movement, loving yourself is a movement; whatever that movement is, Confidence is what it is all about.

On Confidence:

It’s something I had growing up… I like to play! Playing is what I like to do, showing people what I really feel like doing. I’m having fun! For me it is just like… playing! Having fun!

Around ATL: The Chrisette Michele Pose and Post Symposium Recap

For someone has never played before:

Breathing. It’s a big deal. You have to breathe… Breathe into the moment, feel the moment. FEEL! Otherwise, you are going to be looking at everyone else all day long!

On “Playing” and the Pose and Post Symposium:

It is petrifying to play in front of thousands of people… Playing is uncomfortable and I understand that, but, if you stay in the space of expression, art, intellect and not to take it serious!

Around ATL: The Chrisette Michele Pose and Post Symposium Recap

Key Takeaways from the Pose and Post Symposium:

  • Don’t be afraid! Be encouraging and be yourself. People will love the real you, so don’t try to be someone else!
  • Commenting love on social media! It is very important to engage! It cuts down on customer service and it is also great marketing
  • You never know when someone needs you in the comments, so be kind. Take the time to speak to people you never know who needed you.
  • On the challenge of self-promotion: When you have something to sell, you can’t apologize for having something valuable. But when you do, sell something that people need and want!
  • Social media will make and/or break you. Stay humble! Know that you will get good comments and even bad ones. And with that, don’t be afraid to block and delete people. It is important to separate negativity on social media!
  • On tools: Hootsuite is amazing for scheduling your post on social media (I still have to check this out) and Instagram has LaterGram for scheduled posting (I never knew this existed! You learn something new every day!)

Around ATL: The Chrisette Michele Pose and Post Symposium Recap I thought that this was such a fun and cute event and I am so grateful for Kris Did It for the love and getting me out of the house! Major love to The Style Klazit for the pics! If you get a chance, check out my feature on her site!

Make sure you checkout the latest from Chrisette Michele on her site,!

Are you a Chrisette Michele fan? Which songs are your fave? What did you think about the tips and what she had to share? Let’s talk!

Sharing is caring!

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