Ask the Reader: Plus Size Shorts: Would You? Could You? Do You?

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We all know as curvy citizens out there that there are a lot of undue rules and regulations imposed upon us when it comes to fashion. From color schemes to patterns to lengths and fabrics, there are lot of fashion don’ts out there when you’re over a size 12.

Walk outside and before you hit the corner sometimes, there’s some rando stranger popping up like whack-a-mole to let us know their opinion about our wardrobe. Who knew the world had some many fashion style experts? You’d think there’d be more shows on the subject, right? Okay, enough snark! I assure you there’s a destination to this train of thought!

Plus Size Shorts: Would You? Could You?

Plus Size Shorts: Would You? Could You?ASOS CURVE Mixed Floral Print Shorts, at

The point I am trying to make is that as much as we try to brush off these ideas about what you can and cannot wear while plus sized, they can sink into our subconscious and thus it becomes an unspoken rule. I know I had such a rule when it came to red lipstick. After years and years of hearing black girls couldn’t wear it… I tried Ruby Woo and it’s now my favorite everyday shade!

But when it comes to fashion? There are items that I love to see my fellow stylish girls with size rock, but myself? Not so much…  Bodycon dresses? Slay me! Crop Tops? Werk!! One item that really gives me great pause is shorts! In my younger days, I had no problem roaming the streets in Brooklyn with a pair of cut off shorts. Now that I’m months away from 40? Yeah, again? Not so much! LOL

Plus Size Shorts: Would You? Could You?Floral Scalloped Shorts, at

I want to change those thoughts and beliefs about what I can and cannot wear based on my size and my age. There’s not much of a difference between the me I was at 17 and me today at 39 (I still get carded… #ThatMelaninTho) in terms of physical appearance or size.

What IS  drastically different is the exposure I’ve had to mean-spirited and close-minded attitudes about women of size. Opinions and beliefs that I’ve had numerous opportunities to internalize. Which is why this summer, I’m ready to break the rules… Who’s with me?!?

Plus Size Shorts: Would You? Could You?Splatter Paint Fringe Shorts, at

The long and the short of it is, the only rule to fashion is don’t use your rent money to buy it and if it feels good and makes you feel like Beyonce must feel on her best day? Then rock it, boo, rock it! I’ve learned that the comments won’t decrease with conformity, so you might as well dress to suit your style and not the menagerie of mean girls and guys out there.

Because the haters are going to hate anyway. Whether I’m dressed in all black and keeping as out of the way as possible or not, if mean-spirited people want to randomly harass someone to make themselves feel better, they are going to do it. Between you and me, I’d rather be rocking an outfit that makes me feel fabulous. That way, I can say to myself, “Okay… You’re crazy because I’m too fly right now!” and keep it moving! And just between us… There are a TON of really cute shorts out there that can build such a feel good ensemble!

Missguided Plus Ripped Longer Length Denim ShortsMissguided Plus Ripped Longer Length Denim Shorts at

From daring denim, exotic embroidery, luscious lace, and funky fringe, 2017 is the perfect opportunity to break out of your self-imposed box and let your legs get some sunshine this summer. When the days get especially sweltering, your skin will thank you for the fresh air… Trust me on this!

Opt to wear whatever shorts you choose with a simple tee and sneakers, a flowy tunic and sandals or feminine blazer and pumps… You’ll slay either way!

Foliage Print Plus Size Short, at

Now that I’ve said my peace, what I really want to do is hear from you! Is the scope of your body acceptance limited to certain items, like shorts? Do you feel like a body positive fail sometimes because of it? I’m 72% certain that I’m not the only one who thinks this way!

If you answered “yes”, would you be willing to be daring this summer and try rocking a pair of shorts? If you answered “no”, pics or it didn’t happen… Show us your photos wearing shorts, and let us know your favorite thing about rocking them.

But we need to know…

Plus Size Shorts: Would You? Could You? Do You?

We cannot wait to hear how you feel about this fashion rule!!!

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Written by Audrey Canady

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  1. I can’t not wear short shorts. I’ve been wearing them since I was a wee one. I was thin and now I’m fat but I just love showing off my legs. 🙈🙈🙈

  2. I do it! Super short too. In recent years, I’ve noticed my thighs aren’t as smooth as they used to be, but whatever. As a kid I didn’t like them because they showed off my knock knees. But today? Child, please

  3. Mine would have to be Bermuda shorts in order for me to feel comfortable, and even then I would rather have crops/capris/pedal pushers over shorts. I am not comfortable wearing shorts that are above my knees since my thighs are so big, and I hate having to pull them down as they ride up.

  4. I have a few pair that I mostly wear at home. It’s hard to find any I like so mostly I wear capris, which go just below the knee on me in the summer when I am out running errand or whatever. I look at it this way just like thinner people I get hot too in summer and need to wear clothes that will help keep me cool. If people don’t like the way those cooler clothes look on me then they can look somewhere else.

  5. I’m more of a capri fan, than shorts. I would like to find ones that are just below the knee which is hard since I’m short. I wish they sold capris or short based on height length the way they do for pants.

  6. If a pair of shorts could be created that actually did not ride up into the crotch, i’d be all over it. I am wearing shorts today. Hot has hedes here. But i know it is going to annoy me most of the day. Why cant they make shorts that fit the waist /hips and then fit the legs as well. #customshortsneeded

  7. If I could find them in a decent length!! The only ones I find in my size are either Ugly grandma length or my butt is halfway out. Can I just get some normal cute shorts please!?!?!?!? 😭

  8. I love wearing shorts but I usually have to opt on getting fabric or linen pairs. Every time I go to find denim options they fit in the waist but I’m drowning in them in the legs (or vice versa). I carry all of my weight in the middle and don’t have very big thighs so when I wear shorts they end up looking horrible because the legs are too big. Thankfully I will find a rare pair at torrid or old navy that fit right but it’s a struggle! I also agree with everyone else’s comments. I personally like Shorts that are regular length (3-5 inches) but they usually end up riding up or give you camel toe or all you can find is ones that are too long, like Bermudas.

    • I actually found really good fitting ones at torrid last summer. High waisted. Almost knew length, so don’t ride up. I wear them with sneakers or with pretty sandals and a blouse to go out.

  9. I live in Arizona therefore shorts are a big yes! I wear them all the time. It’s too hot to care about what other people think of my gorgeous thunder thighs.

  10. I love them, but oh so hard to find a pair that fits right.if I put them up to my waist then I get this stupid empty space in between my thighs and crotch piece. I want them to be high waisted and for the crotch to be actually in my crotch with like 3-4inches of fabric that go down to mid thigh. Is that too much to ask?

  11. My legs have been in the dark for so long, I would fear for people eyeballs if they saw them on a sunny day.

    I’ve just never found a pair that suits me.

    I’ve cut sweat pants off at home, but I don’t venture out into the public with them. 🙂

  12. I’m a size 10, not really plus size I guess, but I didn’t wear shorts for over 20 years and after my second kid I was just HOT so I said F it and went for it and the world is still spinning and no one cares.

  13. Not as short as the models have in the photo, because I have very large legs and short shorts creep up, then thigh chafe is an issue.
    No, my shorts are down to the knee. But I spend all summer, spring and some of autumn in shorts. I’d overheat otherwise!

  14. Love shorts! Just bought a couple pair this past weekend. A pair of short shorts and a pair of longer boyfriend shorts. A fellow shopper who revealed she was 40 (so am I) commented that she felt she was too old for short shorts. I reached right next to her and grabbed my short shorts. 😂

  15. Issa no for me. I don’t like things that I have to keep pulling at and fixing as I move around. Denim shorts are cool bc they fit tight, but like a trouser short, no for me…looks like my crotch is eating the shorts😂

  16. I wear walking shorts – i.e., longer shorts, similar to bermudas, that come to just above my knee by about an inch/inch & a half. I love my walking shorts in summer.

  17. Yes, but longer ones only. If they are too short they just ride up and get all crammed in your crotch and I have to stop and dig them out from btw my thighs lol

  18. I bought my first pair of shorts last year and I’ll never go back. It’s way too hot to try and mess with pants in the summer. I also got a rad tattoo on my thigh and I now LOVE to show off my legs where before I was ashamed of them.

  19. I like shorts to a point. But I feel like plus size wise they pretty much only give us two options…either those long bermuda shorts that stop just short of the knee….or they are thigh riding short shorts that make it feel like you have a perpetual wedgie or your vagina is suffocating even though they are in yours size lol I am kind of stoked honestly. My job will finally be getting plus size in the stores and not just online so I am interested to see how they maintain diversity in the short world.

  20. I wear short shorts and longer length. I’ve never not had thighs that touch or rub. I absolutely wear them and sashay while they kiss my thighs. Lol. Do you! 💖

  21. I always wear shorts but honestly find the best fitting ones are pants with a wider fit through my thigh that I’ve had hemmed or have cut into denim shorts. I rarely if ever had found a pair in stores that have ever worked.

  22. I have not worn shorts very much since high school. I became ashamed of the way I looked in them because other kids let me know I have “knock knees”. So I stopped wearing them. But I am willing to take the plunge and wear shorts again! After all God made me who I am and He don’t make mistakes! Thank u for causing me to revisit this area.

  23. I love shorts and I don’t care what people say..I aam fat and I no it … size 24… I dress appropriately.. I have always wore shorts in the summer ….

  24. I’m a hot-natured girl living in the South. I find skirts to be much cooler. That being said, I don’t mind a mini skirt. So yeah, I’d do shorts.

  25. Not usually in public, but I’m taking a pair to Comic Con with me in case my costume gets too hot. I’ll still have tights on, so my legs won’t get burned.

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