A New Kind of Vintage Chic- Stefanie Bezaire

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A little while ago, I stumbled across this new fashion line for the chic plus size woman. With a little bit of vintage flair, a whole lot of attitude, and a line that is GREEN, I had to peer into this brand to find out more about Stefanie Bezaire! As a designer whose beliefs and aspirations for plus size fashion are in line with my views, I had to check out what she was serving!

At Stefanie Bezaire, they believe that just because you’re plus-size doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style. Can I get an AMEN! Ha! With that, this brand creates contemporary designer fashion using fabrics like bamboo, cottons, and careful blends to ensure sustainability!

Canadian Plus Size Designer- Stefanie Bezaire

Most recently, I had the pleasure of interviewing the designer behind the label, Stefanie Bezaire! Please read on about the designer, and make sure you stay tuned for some delectable goodies coming soon!!!!

Good day Stefanie! Thank you for doing the interview! How are you today?

Great thanks!

Dying to know, what are you wearing today?

Well, since the weather has gotten hotter, I am loving wearing my skirts! Today I have a purple chintz gathered, high-waisted skirt; a white and grey striped 3/4 length sleeve boxy stretch top tucked in; my white ballet flats (which have a cute bow in the front); a grey skinny belt; and of course a large patterned scarf tied around my head with a bow in the front. It really is all about the accessories.

You are the designer of your eponymous collection, Stefanie Bezaire, how does that feel and sound?

It is a fantastic feeling for sure. I have always wanted to bring my style to women all over the world and I am so glad that I am finally able to make that happen.

So tell me, when did you fall in love in fashion?

It seems kinda silly to say that I always loved it, but my mom even says as a little girl I was very opinionated about what I wore. Once (I was probably 4) we were going to a McDonalds birthday party and I really wanted to wear this white stretch dress that had pink, green, and yellow hearts all over it. It was the cutest! But also VERY small. I fought with my mom to wear it and I won (I have the pictures to prove it!)

As a child and through your young adulthood, what did you do to fashion your curves?

I was a big improviser for sure. In the 80s and 90s in Canada fashion for kids and teens was the worst! Even more so when you are a big kid. I remember wearing a lot of my mom’s clothes, but she was super stylish so I loved it! When I was a teenager I made a lot of my own clothes too.

How did this translate to the collection-Stefanie Bezaire?

My style has definitely evolved over the years – so has my quality. I look at some of the stuff I made in high school and it looks like rags to me now! I’m sure anyone who makes their own stuff has this feeling (at least I hope so. Hehe.)
But overall, I have always tried to make clothing that was classic yet unique; clothing that was flattering and not easy to come by. I hope I am keeping up with my youthful goals.

Canadian Plus Size Designer- Stefanie Bezaire

With your current collection, who is your ideal client?

I want women close to my own heart to wear and love my clothes. She would ideally be between the ages of 25-45, have a good career that she loves, be active socially, and love shopping! I personally love film and design and hope my clients do too -more for us to chat about!

What can we expect next for your Fall collection?

I am keeping a lot of the same silhouettes for the fall, but adding in some feminine yet edgy fabrics- stretch lace, floral prints, chambray, stripes! It makes me excited just to say all those words aloud! Basically, keeping it feminine and classy yet youthful.

How do you feel fashion for the plus size woman has evolved?

Well, when I was a kid there was nothing! Your options were to lose weight or look like a grandma. So there is definitely a lot more options out there today (and thank god we can finally be proud of our bodies!), but I still think we have a long way to go before equality is reached. What I am trying to do is create long lasting pieces that a woman can keep in her closet for years to come – not disposable, ill-fitting, super trendy clothing that won’t last 6 months. I don’t think this has really been a high priority of the plus-size fashion industry in the past. I want to change that.

Which celebrity would you love to see in your fashions?

Well, there are so many to choose from! Lets see- Adele, Jennifer Hudson, Gabourey Sidibe, Crystal Renn (to name a few)

Okay, I have a quick fire round- you ready?
Flats or heels?  Flats for everyday, heels for nighttime soires!

Favorite vacation getaway?  Bermuda! The beaches are soooooooo lovely!

Vanilla or Chocolate?  Vanilla all the way!

Jimmy Choo or Louboutin? Louboutin. Definitely.

Silver or Gold?  I like to mix them up! Both at the same time I say!

In a relationship?  Married and lovin’ it!

Okay, lol, lastly, what does Curvy.Confident.Chic. mean to you?

It means not apologizing for who you are. Being bold and brave. Listening to your inner self and loving that spirit. And obviously, always being dressed to kill! Haha.

Thank you so much for your time!!!!

Oh most definitely! xoxo

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