7 Lessons Learned this Year On The Curvy Fashionista

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This year has been a reflective and transitional one. I must admit that through the ups and downs, road trips and moves, and new friends made along the way, this has truly been a year of reflection, growth, and identity.

All of these things that have shown itself for and in the blog and I am grateful that you are rocking with me through it all, so in true recap spirit, let me share with you the colorful lessons learned on and for The Curvy Fashionista!

7 Lessons Learned this Year On The Curvy Fashionista

Seven Lessons learned this year on The Curvy Fashionista

Teamwork makes the dream work

No man or woman is an island and in this case I have been blessed to have a team of contributors and outside help to keep the machine working, especially in times where I need a break or am moving across the country.

I am grateful for such an amazing team and those who have guest blogged on the site!  Dear Kirsten, Cass, Whitney, Kimberly and DJ, I thank you for all of your contributions in helping me deliver to the readers what they have been asking for!

Y’all rock.

You love your shopping roundups!

Every time that I fashion one of these plus size fashion roundups, you ladies (and some men) go wild for it!

SO hey, you will see more of these and different ways that you can visually shop for your faves here!

It truly is amazing how and what moves you all and I am happy to learn from you!

Technically challenged…

I am sooo working on this… I “hired” someone at the top of the year to give you all the fun things that make you smile and scour the site with ease, and he literally left me hanging…

I tried hooking it up myself and well, it is working, but I need something fancy… SO, I hired a new person who was fully vetted and have seen what they are bringing you!

Better use of mobile and tablets, commenting ease, nicer and cleaner layouts, all with an attitude! I am so hyped about this.  

Like sooo hyped.

Faster load times, doper graphics, you name it, it is coming… I HEAR you when you leave your feedback! TRUST me.

When you are scared- go for it

I must admit, I am not always the confident person you may tend to see. Oftentimes I am hella scared and timid, standing at the edge of the cliff before I jump.

I have gotten accustomed to jumping, but this year?

I have found myself a bit more afraid, but with faith I know that even if I get a few bumps, scrapes or bruises, I land on my feet!

My Move to Atlanta

This move to Atlanta was a bit rough, BUT it was exhilarating and exciting! It has already proven itself to be beneficial in more ways than I thought and I am soooo geeked for it!

This has definitely been a faith based walk and with what I have planned for the site, the blog and for you- it is a bit ballsy but surely a whirlwind of fun!

Outfits and Videos- I need to do better

Your responses to my videos (yes, I have a YouTube channel, subscribe?) and outfit posts have been quite encouraging and motivating!


Now that I have the room and the space to do so, I will be rocking out a bit more with these in fun and different ways!

Are you ready?

I know that I am and I am more than excited to share more videos and fits!

My Style: Holiday Style in Girl With Curves

Also, I love shooting in what feels like the woods and stuff! LOL But alas, there will be more and various types of visual content that you will hopefully enjoy!

Less is More… Sometimes

I am not sure if you paid attention, but I have scaled back the number of posts per day, from three to two.

With how Facebook has been changing things (are you following my page there?) and the amount of fashion I was feeding you, I realized that you could not always get to the posts and I wanted to make sure that I gave or focused on quality that quantity in what I shared… this has been a godsend, let me tell you!

I am grateful for this as it has relieved me a bit! LOL.

Experimenting is Great for the Soul/ Blog

This year, I brought you a forum, a place where you can go to and share and talk among yourselves about plus size fashion and everything in between…

I am grateful to all of you who signed up, as 2015 you will see so much develop and grow out of this!

I love it and you for playing along and testing the waters with me!

If you haven’t signed up, please join the TCFStyle Forum here!

His Two Cents- Loving You

Not only in the forum, but I have also added a new column, His Two Cents, as I saw that a few of you questioned, assumed, or were curious about things that I knew that a man, who loves his women plus, could answer.

With that, it has been a success as some of DJ’s post have been some of the most popular on the blog! Woot!

SO these are a few of the many lessons I learned with and via the blog this year…

There are tons more personal ones that I have learned for another post!

HOWEVER… I would love to hear from you the many lessons that you have learned about yourself! Sharing is caring!!!

What did you learn this year that has impacted your way of living, thinking, or loving? Let’s discuss…

Sharing is caring!

Written by Marie Denee

I am the Editor in Chic of The Curvy Fashionista. Often goofy. Forever emo. Always a Virgo. You can find me somewhere grooving to 90s R&B.

What do you think?

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  1. You are just so generous and so wonderful in the Curvy World.

    I wish you all the best with the move to Atlanta. (I, personally hate moving. It’s exhausging)

    I’m sure you’ll be even more successful!

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