5 Tips for Plus Size Shopping Online

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Ahhh… Plus Size Shopping Online. As we know, most of the really good plus size shopping is only to be had online. But online shopping can be like target practice, if you haven’t practiced and done it enough it can be a real hit or miss. Even if you have perfected this craft, you can still be caught off guard.

Plus Size Online Shopping Tips-  Rue 107So what do you do? How do you navigate? HOW do you decide? Where do you even begin?

Well, a few years back, I fashioned an online shopping tips post and after re-reading it, I felt I needed to update this, especially with the strides in plus size fashion over this short time!

Navigation can be easier once you know what to expect and prep yourself proactively! So check out these tips (and leave yours in the comments too) to help you along your shopping way!

5 Plus Size Shopping Online Tips

Plus Size Online Shopping Tips-  Avenue

  1. Know your measurements. I have two measuring tapes at my desk. I have my measurements written down too. I fluctuate often (as most of us do) and stay aware of my measurements… This works wonders and helps me know what to expect
  2. Blogger Reviews. This is what we are here for! Whether in an official review capacity or in out outfit posts, seeing how an item looks on a blogger and reading their experiences helps ME and can def help give you another picture!
  3. Get Social. Many of our favorite online haunts have Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest or a combination of them! Most are quite reactive and proactive about communicating! If you have a question, do not be shy-ask!
  4. Familiarize yourself with the designer/brand’s aesthetic. I know you may be scratching your head with this one. But this one is important. Many brands and designers cater to a specific subset within the plus size fashion arena. Some are more vintage while others are more wear to work friendly. Some are more conservative while others are more edgy. Some are more pricey and others and budget friendly. Knowing what to expect a bit will help set expectations!
  5. Shipping and Return Policies. I always check for these. Although I barely return (I hate doing them), I do like to check up on the shipping policies. Maybe I shop too much, but free shipping or an understandable fee is a must. ESPECIALLY if you are online only. ALSO, if they do have physical locations, I need to be able to return to store or at least have that option.

Plus Size Online Shopping Tips-  Rachel Pally White Label

I have narrowed this down to Five Tips, but I do encourage you to check out my older post which adds a few more tips that are not JUST online specific but will help as well! do these plus size shopping online tips help?

What tips do you have for your fellow Curvy Fashionistas? When you shop online, what do you look for? OR are you adventurous and just delve right on in?

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Written by Marie Denee

I am the Editor in Chic of The Curvy Fashionista. Often goofy. Forever emo. Always a Virgo. You can find me somewhere grooving to 90s R&B.

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