Maximize Your Wardrobe with These 7 Tips

Ways to Maximize Your Wardrobe

Over the summer I challenged myself to wear the same dress 3 different ways. I called myself trying to figure out how to maximize my wardrobe. I ended up having so much fun coming up with different ways to re-style one dress that I continued the wardrobe maximizing for the rest of the summer! Doing … [Read more...]

Everyday Luxury Essentials with Cushie b

Everyday Plus Size Luxury Essentials with Cushie B

When you think of essentials, how many of us have them? How many of our closets are filled with fanciness and amazing IT items, but not a solid foundation? How many of us invest in the items we will rock out with 5 thousand times over? Well, today I take a close look at Cushie B, a new plus size … [Read more...]

Style Q&A: Building Your Plus Size Fashion Wardrobe … Under $250

Building Your Plus Size Fashion Wardrobe

  I need some help. First, I want to thank you for all your posts, they show me that it's ok to have a fashion sense as a plus size girl! I'm looking for some great outfits for my engagement photo shoot! My wardrobe right now consists of SPCA logo shirts and jean shorts. I'd like to look nice … [Read more...]

Poised, Polished, Professional, and Plus Size: The Plus Size Wear to Work Essentials

Plus Size Wear to Work Essentials

Last week, I shared with you tips for plus size professional work wear, kind of like an overview of what to wear to work. As promised and much requested, today we will go over what items are your essentials for work, how to wear them, and tips when rounding out your work wear wardrobe! Before … [Read more...]

Knit Wit- A round up of the chicest plus size knits

Plus Size Knits

You know this time of year. Weather dips just below chilly, suddenly, the Snuggie is looking tempting (I want one for Christmas- thank you!), and fireplaces are now, the new hot spot. As the weather chills, and with the holiday upon us, what better than a roundup of the chicest knits that provide … [Read more...]

Building the perfect Plus Size Wardrobe

You must Walk before you Run! Getting ready for Fall Fashion bibles to drop, I ask myself, quite often, in the wake of this amazing economy, what does a plus size fashionista do? Getting ready for the newness of Fall often translates into a much needed investment for my wardrobe- or does it? You see … [Read more...]