Plus Size Sex Symbol? Plus Size Representation on TV.

Plus Size Sex Symbol- Plus Size Representation on TV.

Whenever I watch television shows, or movies, involving plus-size women, it is always the same old school stereotype: she is sad, with low self-esteem, poorly dressed, has no style and spends her nights at home alone fantasizing about being skinny. Otherwise, she is the funny fat girl who is the … [Read more...]

Up Close and Personal with MTV’s SHOWTOWN Co-Host- Sheena Snively

MTV Canada Plus Size Host Actress and Comedian- Sheena Snively

“Queen of Canada, & Resident fool of MTV! Lover of Fat Fashion, Theater, & Hamilton” Sheena Snively's Twitter Bio  Things are brewing up north and one of those leading the way is MTV Canada’s Showtown Co-Host Sheena Snively. No-holds-barred, vivacious, energetic, witty, hilarious, and … [Read more...]

WeTV Green Lights Bella Rene’s House of Curves: Will You Tune In?

We TV's House of Curves

I love that the plus size woman is getting more love on TV in various ways. Fashion, life, love, you name it, it is starting to pop up everywhere! First we had Big Sexy, then Curvy Girls, and now, we have a new series coming to WeTV, House of Curves. House of Curves follows the colorful life and … [Read more...]

Missed Marie Denee on Ricki Lake? I Got the Clip!

The Curvy Fashionista on Ricki Lake

So, back in November, I had the pleasure of guest appearing on The Ricki Lake Show! Marie Denee on Ricki Lake ou remember her right, Go Ricki, Go Ricki! Well, she is back and a few of you had asked about me having a tape or clip about it, and I finally do! Thanks to Sterling Digital, I got my … [Read more...]

Will You Tune In: Curvy Girls on nuvoTV Debuts 9/18!

Curvy Girls- New Plus Size TV Show on nuvoTV

  Have you heard? There is a Plus Size Show on NUVO TV!?! Yes! And NOW more than ever, I am excited for it! Especially as some of them are the homies! Let me tell you a little bit about the show’s premise! Curvy Girls is “an all-access pass inside the glamorous world of professional … [Read more...]

Gwen DeVoe wants you to name her Pilot Talk Show!

Gwen DeVoe- Creator of Full Figured Fashion Week

I am beyond geeked for my mentor and auntie, Gwen DeVoe as news dropped today about her latest AMAZING adventure! EEK!!! Please read on below! Hi Everyone! If you've been following the hints that I have been dropping over the last several weeks, you already know that I am shooting a pilot … [Read more...]

My 2010 Top Ten Plus Size Wishlist Revisited- A look back

Fiercely Real Winner Sheridan Watson

A look back at my top ten wishes for the plus size community's progress for the year At the beginning of the year, I drafted a list of 10 things that I wanted, yearned, wished, crossed my fingers for, to see happen with the Plus Size Fashion Community. This year has been quite an eventful one! How … [Read more...]

Breaking the Plus Size Fashion Barriers: The One Stop Plus Commercial and MBFW

One Stop Plus- The Plus Size Commercial

One Stop Plus is undoubtedly on a roll… With their debut as the FIRST and ONLY plus size company to present during New York Fashion Week, One Stop Plus is definitely bringing variations of plus size fashion to the masses. Imagine my surprise when I saw this commercial late on night! I stopped … [Read more...]