For the Love of Fashion Week: Being Plus Size at Fashion Week

Plus Size Street Style at NYFW

I went to Fashion Week. I know, I couldn't believe it either.  A blessing and a wonderful opportunity. You know, when I found out I had the opportunity to go, I was over the moon.  Then I was nervous.  I mean, are you ever really ready to absorb the inspiration?  I mean, I had to pull it … [Read more...]

Reading Comments on Facebook Has Me Thinking…

Reading Comments On Facebook Leaves me Thinking

So here is the thing... I love what steps we are making in plus size fashion. There are more options for varying personal styles, budgets, aesthetics, and lifestyles. Change IS HAPPENING- WHEE! What does this mean? While perusing through the comments last week and for the past few weeks, there … [Read more...]

A Second Look at My Top 10 Plus Size Community Wishlist

Top Ten Plus Size Fashion Wish List

In 2010, I created a wishlist of sorts of what I would like to happen throughout the year in the plus size community. Then at the end of the year, I revisited this list to chart our progress… Plus Size Community Wishlist Today, I realized that so many more successes and changes have arisen and … [Read more...]

4 life lessons learned from Plus Size Fashion and the Community

my style

To say that I have grown as a full time blogger is the understatement of my life right now. The beauty in that is I am still growing, still learning, and still stumbling over life and it’s little road blocks- but with all this comes life lessons that I had to pause and think about!  4 life lessons … [Read more...]

12 Reasons Why Plus Size Fashion Has Room to Grow

Top 12 Reasons Why Plus Size Fashion Has Room to Grow

Over the past 10 years, plus size fashion has evolved into an industry that is daily pushing the envelope in options for the plus size woman. Heck, even more so in the past three years, each month plus size fashion hits a new milestone, crosses another boundary, or challenges the status quo… AND I … [Read more...]

Do We, as Plus Size Women, Want Nice Things?

Do we as plus size women want nice things

Yesterday, I shared a picture on my facebook wall, which happened to be a fake. However, this is not what I am writing about today. I am writing about the conversation that ensued behind this picture and the conversation had me thinking… In response to the picture: “but realistically a bikini … [Read more...]

FFFWeek(end): The State of the Curvy Community Panel Action Items

If you missed Full Figured Fashion Week(end)â„¢ Los Angeles, you missed a three-day filled bonanza of fashion, empowerment, and dancing! One of the key highlights for this event were the panel discussions. AMAZING! On Friday, October 29th, the Curvy Collective hosted a panel discussion for Full … [Read more...]

Vote for the Plus Size Community to be at SXSW

Vote for Plus Size Panelists for SXSW

This is defintiely the year of the plus size woman!  Breaking Barriers, boundaries, and stereotypes, plus size fashion is on its way to becoming a respected mainstay! For the latest plus size venture and challenge: SXSW Editor of Daily Venus Divas, Stephanie Danforth formed an awesome panel to … [Read more...]