Plus Size Sex Symbol? Plus Size Representation on TV.

Plus Size Sex Symbol- Plus Size Representation on TV.

Whenever I watch television shows, or movies, involving plus-size women, it is always the same old school stereotype: she is sad, with low self-esteem, poorly dressed, has no style and spends her nights at home alone fantasizing about being skinny. Otherwise, she is the funny fat girl who is the … [Read more...]

Get the Look: Gabourey Sidibe

GetTheLook-Gabourey Sidibe

Image Credit: The Jasmine Brand Say what you want about Gabourey Sidibe, but she is rocking the heck out of this wrap dress. Gabourey gets a lot of flack for not only her weight but also her style choices. I have to admit I have not been fond of the vast majority of her style looks, but this one I … [Read more...]

Two Curvy Fashionistas bring a hit and miss for the Golden Globes: Amber Riley vs. Gabby Sidibe

Amber Riley in Oliver Tolentino

Last night, Twitter was abuzz with commentary, especially myself (who ended up in Twitter jail for an hour!) about the delectable parade of fashion hits, bores, misses, and the what were they thinking! Amber Riley One of my FAVORITE Curvy Fashionistas on the red carpet right now held nothing … [Read more...]

MBFW gives fashion from a PLUS perspective with One Stop Plus

Video thumbnail for youtube video MBFW gives fashion from a PLUS perspective with One Stop Plus

Bringing a New Era to New York Fashion Week With Belle Epoque Collection Wednesday, September 15th marked a day in plus size fashion history. During the middle of New York Fashion Week, a beautiful thing happened at Rose Hall at Lincoln Center. The wonderful people at got together … [Read more...]

Curves deemed Red Carpet Worthy

Queen Latifah Oscars Dress

Sunday proved to be a fashionable night for the Fabulously Full Figured actresses and celebrities on the red carpet, as I shared over on Vogue Curvy, but what is even more fabulous, is the commentary of plus size on the red carpet and the analysis of their fashions! Topping The Fashion Code’s … [Read more...]

Oscar Nominations go plus size for Precious!

Nominated for five of the major awards of the evening, Precious and its curvy co-stars made the cut for the Oscars! While it was rumored that Miss Mo’Nique may not get her nomination, both Gabby Sidibe and Mo’Nique represent for the curvy fashionistas in their respective roles for … [Read more...]

The 2010 Oscars- What the Plus Size Fashionista Should Wear

This year for the Oscars, we have two beautiful plus sized fashionistas representing us on the red carpet! I am ripe with anticipation over what they are going to wear! I have played around with two fab looks, and tell me what you think they should wear? Gabby has been bold in her color choices, … [Read more...]

2010 Golden Globes- what the Curvy Fashionistas wore

Gabby Sidibe 2010 Golden Globes

Last year, we had quite a few curvy cuties putting their best curve forward, and this year we have two major and two on the smaller side of plus, but curvy none the less.  After watching the golden globes last night, I was quite tickled with the mirage of fashion that sashayed down the red carpet, … [Read more...]