First Look: SUPERNORMALS by Australian Plus Size Brand 17 Sundays

SUPERNORMALS by Australian Plus Size Brand 17 Sundays

I do love when a plus size brand takes the time to create a compelling look book. Something that makes us think, invokes thoughts, and inspires us to buy or to want to buy. We are seeing more and more of this executed in such an amazing way and I am here for all of this. So, when I got a peek at the … [Read more...]

My Style: Black and White and Striped All Over in 17 Sundays


So I went on a day date… (I know right… a date.) We headed out to lunch, nothing too fancy. So, I wanted to be casually cute. Luckily, I was able to get these shots from my video guy before I went out on my date. I don’t think I could ask my new friend to snap a few photos of me! HA! Immediately … [Read more...]

First Look: Australian Plus Size Label 17 Sundays New Collection

Australian Plus Size Label 17 Sundays New Collection

It has been an interesting Tuesday for me, but that wont stop me from sharing with you the latest look books and plus size fashion collections! Up today, we highlight the latest from the Australian Plus Size Label 17 Sundays! It has been a minute since I have featured them and I am happy about it … [Read more...]

First Look: 17 Sundays Resort 2013 Collection

17 Sundays Resort 2013 Collection

Are you familiar with Australian plus size brand, 17 Sundays? No stranger to the blog, we have featured them here and here and here! This playful and cheeky brand serves us quirky prints and silhouettes that are both inspired and playful and for Resort 2013, there are a few gems that you have to … [Read more...]

Gotta Have It: 17 Sundays Chunky Open Weave Sweater Dress

Australian plus size designer, 17 Sundays Sweater dress

Yes, I know in California and in the US, we are currently going through a fabulous heatwave, but in the fashion world, fall items are already starting to show itself. AND over down under, they are already in the fall season (actually they are opposite seasons from us!). Thanks to 17 Sundays Sweater … [Read more...]

FFFWeek 2012 Indie Designer Showcase: 17 Sundays

FFFWeek 2012 Indie Designer Showcase: 17 Sundays

I recently featured 17 Sundays on the site before, showcasing an Aussie Cool chick vibe! Inspired by the pop culture of the 80’s and the 90’s- no seriously: When we were 17 we smelled like teen spirit, knew all the words to Hold on by Wilson Phillips, could occasionally do the humpty dance and were … [Read more...]

A Great Stumble of a find: 17 Sundays

Australian Plus Size Designer: 17 Sundays Shooting Stars Look Book

Today, while updating my Plus Size Fashion Blogroll, I was adding Too Many Sequins to the blog roll- because she is too cute and has a great eye for her own personal style; I found a lookbook for 17 Sundays that she shared because I love stumbling across new to me finds! Turns out, 17 Sundays … [Read more...]