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First Look: Zelie for She District of Art Collection

First Look: Zelie for She District of Art Collection

I love seeing my fellow plus size bloggers and friends prosper and chase their dreams. Really, it is encouraging, motivating, and inspiring- definitely giving me that kick in the tail that I need form time to time! No exception or stranger to this is Elann Zelie behind the brand, Zelie for She. Over … [Read more...]

Playing Zappos Secret Santa

Zappos Secret Santa by Kelas Kloset on The Curvy Fashionista

This year, Zappos invited me to play secret Santa! It has been a while since I have done this, and man, I forgot how much fun it is! Who was I playing Zappos Secret Santa too? Well, only one of the flyest bloggers out there, Kela from Kela’s Kloset- and it was NOT easy. Well, on one hand it was, … [Read more...]

First Look: Lela Rose for Lane Bryant

First Look- Lela Rose for Lane Bryant on The Curvy Fashionista

I am her for all of these design collaborations that Lane Bryant is giving us. Introducing and brining amazing talent and design to the plus size woman. Bringing designers to us that have yet had the pleasure of having a plus size woman in their garments. Isabel Toledo, Sophie Theallet, and now Lela … [Read more...]

TCFTurns6 Giveaway: Step in Style with Smash Shoes

Smash Shoes Giveaway on The Curvy Fashionista

Every girl loves a great pair of shoes- right? Well, what happens if you happen to be a size 10-14? Where does the style go? Where do the fun, sexy, sassy, and chic shoes go? Well, if you have been reading the blog, then you will know that there is a new shoe designer in town, here to solve a few of … [Read more...]

My 5 Plus Size Cold Weather Must Haves

My 5 Plus Size Cold Weather Must Haves

So, I am freezing. As temperatures drop across much of the United States, it is time to start bundling up (if you haven’t already).  Wait.  Ya’ll, MY CAR has ice on it in the am!!! Can you believe that? I am still adjusting. Remembering that I cannot just dash out in the am, I actually have to warm … [Read more...]

My Style: Holiday Style in Girl With Curves

My Style: Holiday Style in Girl With Curves

I am in a new city, with new levels of chill, and new places to attend! Putting my best curve forward, feeling comfy AND warm AND sassy are all things that can me a bit tricky- HOWEVER they were achieved in today’s latest Holiday Style outfit post featuring Girl With Curves! Have you been to her … [Read more...]

TCFTurns6 Giveaway: Easy Breezy with Rachel Pally White Label

Rachel Pally White Label Giveaway on The Curvy Fashionista

Now if you have been rolling with me for the past few years, then you know the biggest soft spot that Rachel Pally has with me. I am a diehard Rachel Pally fan girl and will always keep a stash of her dresses and pieces in my closet- always. So when I reached out to her for #TCFTurns6 I knew it was … [Read more...]

TCFTurns6 Giveaway: Keeping it Chic with MYNT 1792

TCFTurns6 Giveaway: Keeping it Chic with MYNT 1792

Heyyyy it’s a party, it’s a party, it’s a partaayyy! LOL this is how I feel right now, with the excitement I have in hosting these giveaways for you! I mean… man… I would have never thought, six years ago, a dream, a vision; an idea would lead me here. NEVER would have thought that. And the fact … [Read more...]

My Style: I’ll Take a Two Piece and Some RebDolls  

My Style: I’ll Take a Two Piece and Some RebDolls- The Curvy Fashionista #TCFstyle

You know, I have to do better with these outfit posts. As much as I run around, I do not get to share off my faves all the time… anywho, I have been a fan of these coordinating sets, I tried a few and I think I have found which works the best for me… I have long been talking about RebDolls, hell I … [Read more...]

TCFTurns6 Giveaway: Turn Heads This Holiday Season with RebDolls

TCFTurns6 Giveaway with RebDolls

We are back for our second week of celebrations as we celebrate The Curvy Fashionista turning 6! Man, it has been a year, six years, and a journey! As a thank you for riding with me, this month, all month long we are hooking YOU up with quite a few giveaways and today, we are just warming up the … [Read more...]