Me and this Peplum Belt of Mine

So, I love supporting folks, especially fellow plus size bloggers who boldly step out and experiment with their gifts! Such is the case with Deena from Fat Girls Like Nice Clothes Too.  A while back, she reached out to me to share her little endeavor on making peplum belts.

Now, if you have been reading my blog, I have a sweet spot for the peplum trend. Love. Not only do I love peplum accents, I have longed for more fashion with plus size belts! So, when Deena reached out to share her process and experiment, I was only naturally geeked about it! And guess what?

She made me one!

A Plus Size Peplum Belt



She offered me a choice of three fabrics: black satin, tartan and hot pink metallic. She found cooler black lace fabric and the belt was shipped my way.


A Plus Size Peplum BeltI was extremely excited about this, as I knew I was going to pair this belt with my ASOS Curve Long Sleeve black Midi dress- letting the belt (and my cleavage) take the lead! I AM IN LOVE!


A Plus Size Peplum Belt


The pictures turned out really cool with a flashing wall behind me! LOL

A Plus Size Peplum Belt

I am really happy for this belt and I am already thinking of new color ways (COULD YOU IMAGINE A LEATHER VERSION?) I could! But I wanted to share and show you and then tell you to head over to Deena’s site to take a peek at her process! I am sooo excited for her and this project! Give her a shoutout over on Twitter at @fatgirlclothes!

How much would you pay for this belt? How would you rock this belt? WOULD you even rock one like this? Let me know!


Thank you sooo much Deena for this fabulous gift and I think you are onto something amazing here! 

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  • IrieDiva

    very nice! i love yours and i think a peplum belt is a great idea! 

    • Marie Denee

      Thank you kindly! How would you rock it?

  • styleeveryday

    A peplum belt is an amazing idea! It’s a great way to capitalize on the trend with clothes you already own!

    • Marie Denee

      Right? I am digging this… I want a leather one! LOL 

    • Diane

       That was my thinking! (Deena/ Diane- same person) Rather than getting a bunch of different dresses- work a peplum accessory into your existing wardrobe.

  • Curvy CEO

    I *love* that concept! One of my biggest issue with a lot of peplum dresses and tops is that they are sleeveless . . . with this, I could pair it with any long sleeved dress and be done! Shoot, I have an ASOS Bodycon dress that is just crying out for something like that!!! Will check out Deena’s site!

    • Marie Denee

      Heheheheh right? Now, if I can find or have one in leather, my life will be complete! LOL 

      • Diane

         Your leather one is half done :-)

        • Marie Denee


    • Diane

       Come on over! I don’t have a web shop (yet) but if you have a request hit me at fatgirlclothes at yahoo dot com and I will do my best to accomodate!

  • Diane

    YAY!! Glad you like it and glad I made it adjustable! You look FAB!

    • Marie Denee

      I love you! I cannot wait to see the leather one!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • NinjaCate

    I wish the peplum extended completely around, but it’s really cute, and I like the idea of adding a little peplum flair to whatever outfit you choose. You look great!

    • Marie Denee

      I actually like the adjustable and semi open! LOL to each their own right? :) How would you rock it? 

  • loyalheart

    I really luv that idea for the peplum belt. The problem I have with peplums are my boobs are too big and the ruffle part of the peplum and my boobs meet in the center. lol

    • Marie Denee

      Ooohhh do you mean you have a really high waist? Or, wher you want it to sit wont work? 

  • Candice

    Very Cute! Id pay about $25 for this belt

    • Marie Denee

      Hehehehe Nice! I would pay quite a lot more!!! Given there hasnt been anything like this in our size! 

  • Fonzi

    Wow, I’m so in love with this belt.  It reminds me of my two favoritte peplum dresses (that my Mom made) I rocked in the 80′s.  I would still rock this.  It’s all about style, and creativity.  I love the look you showed.  I would also rock it with some black leggings worn with a black fitted scoop neck shirt.  You could also rock it with a pencil skirt, nice blouse with the belt. The leather idea is great.  This belt is a must for my collection of accessories! :) Great job Deena

    • Marie Denee

      Right! I love your ideas! Just the idea of having a peplum belt that we can rock in our size is bananas! 

  • Jibz1

    For what it’s worth that peplum belt might look okay the other way around .. giving little gathers on the sides and back.  I mean, the belt itself isn’t that crass.  I think it’d work.

  • Alessandra

    I LOVEEEE it and I want it hehe You look great girl!