Join me and Penny Chic in The Fitting Room!

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Last Spring, I shared with you a project I worked on with Wal-Mart as they are revamping and stepping up their fashions!  Well, for fall, The Fitting Room is back.

Myself, along with Shauna from Penny Chic got together to talk fashion, trends, and great options that you would never think came from Wal-Mart! No seriously!

The Fitting Room is a destination, within where you can learn about the newest brands, arrivals, and trends- all to share with your friends! With brands like Miss Tina and many more, if I gave it all away, where would the fun be in that?

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Wal-Mart is paying attention to fashion and giving value for their shoppers, new and old.  On a mission to step up their fashion game and offerings, this is where the Fitting Room comes in!  Need I remind you of the Norma Kamali Collection?  I am sure you may have seen some of the commercials out and about, but if you are anything like me, I love a great High- Low (price) combination!

Take a Peek inside The Fiitting Room

Literally a little guide to help you shop!  Pinterest friendly, social media savvy, Wal-Mart wants you to have fun with fashion all while keeping your pocketbook happy!  I even had the pleasure of chatting up the buyers for the plus size area, and how elated I was to see that the buyer happens to be a plus size woman too!  (It can matter!)  But we chatted about the trends, designers, and what YOU have called out in wanting more of!

Here is MY Video! LOL

I feel weird watching myself, but hey… let me know what you think!

In addition to the Fitting Room, I did a video for L’Oreal’s sunscreen with Penny Chic!  YES… I am a religious with my sunscreen…  I have a bit of sun damage from my childhood living on the islands! Take a peek!


Click here to learn more about The Fitting Room, check out my picks and join the fun over on Pinterest!

When was the last time you checked out what Wal-Mart had to offer?  I am there stocking up on household and tech toys, and now I need to make sure I always make a swing through the clothing section!

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