Gotta Have It

Gotta Have It: Forever 21 Contrast Dress

Feeling a lil Foxy?

Not afraid to rock what you got?

Then this dress here is worth a look! I have been combing through the pages of Forever 21, and I must say I have a few items already in my shopping bag! LOL

Forever 21 Plus Size Contrasted Panel Dress

So when I saw this dress, I immediately liked it! Definitely one of those freak ‘em dresses that you pull out every once in a while to get heads to turn- YES?  YES… What I like about it even better is that they didn’t dumb it down by making the back black… they kept the pattern throughout the dress! Heyyyyyyyy!

So here it is, the Forever 21 Contrast Body Con Dress

The Front

Forever 21 Plus Size Contrasted Panel Dress

The Back

 Forever 21 Plus Size Contrasted Panel Dress

Like what you see? And this puppy can be yours for right under $25! Score!

Have you shopped Forever 21+? Are you a fan or do you have other words? I want to know!

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