In Those Jeans- A PZI Jeans Review

As a woman with thighs, an ample derriere, and a lil belly, finding a pair of jeans that speak the same language as my curves can be quite frustrating!

PZI Jeans Review on The Curvy Fashionista

On the quest to find some that I can wear ALL DAY, lounge in, and be fashionable in, enter in PZI jeans. After being sent a pair of the PZI Ella Bootcut, I was pleasantly surprised. After wearing them a few times- once traveling in New York and on a relaxing lazy Sunday, I had to share with you all why these jeans made the denim cut for me.

For starters, these jeans were sized quite well! After thinking I had to play with an 18 (as most contemporary brands tend to size a bit smaller), I exchanged my jeans for my size- a 16.

PZI Jeans Review on The Curvy Fashionista

The stretch in these was probably the optimal blend for my curves. So soft, not too soft to lose its shape, but not to tight to cut into my ladyparts either! You KNOW what I mean! These jeans were incredibly soft and comfortable!

PZI Jeans Review on The Curvy Fashionista

The rise (the length from the crotch to the top of the zipper) was perfect, covering my pooch, but at a place that was comfortable and not too constricting- I felt held in!

The rinse (the color of the jean) in the indigo color gives me another dressier option to play with in my wardrobe- especially after realizing that I did not have an indigo rinse- not jeggings!

The length. I am 5’8” and my 34” inseam sends me to the high heavens with glee! Jeans that are long enough for heels AND flats when cuffed? YES! AND these are NOT the longest length! SWEET music to the long legged divas out there!

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PZI Jeans Review on The Curvy Fashionista

The pockets. How your bum looks in your jeans falls to strategic pocket placement. Ever notice how your bum can look ridiculously wide and flat (without being so?)? Chances are the pocket were so far apart and low, drawing the eye out and down. These pockets were a bit closer, angled, and stitched where I felt my bootie looked darn good! LOL.

Overall, I have found over the years PZI has stepped up its denim games with great blends and fashionable classic and contemporary cuts. I am pleasantly surprised with the brand and I had to share with you how happy and comfortable I am in these. Please know that you will more than likely see me in these over and over again!

The only drawback I have is that they stop their sizing at a size 18. Maybe one day they will fashion a plus line, but if you are on the smaller side of plus and care to fashion a pair of jeans that will not break your fashionable piggy bank, then these PZI Jeans are for you!

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You can check out the entire PZI Collection HERE and make sure to Tweet PZI on Twitter and Fan PZI on Facebook!

PZI Jeans Review on The Curvy Fashionista

***PS. I rocked my new Dorothy Perkins Top I scored during the sale and my Ashley Stewart Necklace and Earrings!***

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Comments (09)

  1. Be careful when buying these jeans. I received my first order today and couldn’t wait
    to try the jeans on. I was extremely disappointed. First I tried
    on the Dahlia Flare jean in size 4. Before I could get them on I had to spend
    several minutes working to get the button loose, it looks like the button hole
    wasn’t cut properly. Once I got the button loose and got the jeans on, they were
    huge! This was supposed to be a size 4 and the jeans were practically hanging
    off of me!

    Next I tried on the Form Boot Leg jeans in size 6,
    maybe they would fit better. The description said to order a size up because
    they are a tight fit which is why I ordered a 6 instead of a 4. While these
    jeans had a slight gap in the back, they fit better than the Dahlia did,
    continuing the disappointment.

    After all of the rave reviews I heard about PZI jeans, I thought I had found a
    company I could regularly buy from. After this disappointing experience I
    won’t buy from them again nor will I recommend them.

    1. This is a easily remedied problem, sweetheart, since you’re obviously NOT a curvy girl! (The first give-away is that you wear a size 4… duh!) Go order some Calvin Klein’s and leave the booty-licious jeans to those of us who actually need to wear them/have hips, thighs, and ass!

      These jeans are the answer to my years of grief/jean shopping because of thick thighs and a booty that leaves pant-gaps at the waist. I recommend that every curvy girl try them.

      1. @7b815c256bd401dfa2152da4f6900e90:disqus: Before you jump all over this girl, you should wait a minute. I’m a size 4, but I still buy PZI jeans. Why? Because I have muscular butt & legs, and I’m tall. (I’m a tall athlete.) So I CAN’T buy off the rack at the Gap or Calvin Klein. PZIs are the only jeans which stretch with my bulging butt & thighs, while giving me length I need. Plus, they make my booty look good!

  2. LOVE PZI JEANS!  I accidentally found PZI jeans at Macy’s in Pentagon City (VA) a few years back and was pleasantly surprised that I thought it was a fluke.  I tried them on and oh my, they hugged my waist comfortably, no gap in the back, and my ample apple bottom, looked devine.  I have 5 pair and just ordered 3 more today.

  3. Excellent review, thank you.  I haven’t been able to find jeans that fit properly for many years.  I’m ordering PZI now.

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