Full Figured Fashion Week OOTD: Media Reception

It’s HAWT. I’m Beat. Jetlag has kicked in, YET I have found my second wind. In the midst of my travels this week (pardon the lack of posts, but you will get them all throughout the rest of the week I promise!) I was extremely geeked and excited for the kickoff events for Full Figured Fashion Week- as this ALWAYS sets the tone for my experience!

The Curvy Fashionista in Rachel Pally White Label

With my outfit sponsored by Rachel Pally White Label (you need to get to know her like for reals!), I wanted to be relaxed, yet polished and put together! So in my Green Lucia Maxi Dress (seriously for my 5’8” and up divas), you will love the length! LONG ENOUGH for your stems! I promise! LOL

The Curvy Fashionista in Rachel Pally White label

I paired the look with my bangle attack from The Avenue and Lane Bryant, paired with my Ideeli ring, and my ASOS Clutch! Woot!

I am trying some new things with my hair this week, and I am not sure how fabulously it will work, but her I braided back one side giving some depth and playfulness to it! What do you think here?

The media reception took place at the Sky Room, ROOFTOP on the top of the Fairfield Hotel and my oh my was it stellar! Great and amazing people, great drinks, great fashions, great models- It was a BLAST!!!!!! The who’s who in plus size fashion made their way to this media event and it was phenomenal! I met amazing models, executives, sponsors, designers, and fellow bloggers in the mix! Woot!


What do you think? Did my look make the grade for you?

Also, please make sure to stay tuned in today as I will be updating you on my experience with the Bali Intimate apparel event as well as some cool things to share!


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  • Rachel

    You seriously look amazing.

    • http://thecurvyfashionista.mariedenee.com Marie Denee

      I really appreciate the love you give! Thank you so much for stopping by! 

  • http://twitter.com/SilverLips Nikkia H.

    You look gorgeous! I need this dress ASAP! Even though i can’t find a good strapless bra for ladies who are top heavy. This dress needs to be mine. Glad you are home safe and sound. get some rest 

    • http://thecurvyfashionista.mariedenee.com Marie Denee

      Lane Bryant rocks and creates a fab one that holds the girls up!!!! Thank you for the love darliN!!!! 

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1054636392 Milissa Myers

    I love it. You gave me some ideas for an upcoming event. I gotta switch from all black.

    • http://thecurvyfashionista.mariedenee.com Marie Denee

      YES! Break out from the black if you can! Such amazing hues abound this summer! Find one and rock it ASAP-tually! 

  • Tamara

    Love it !

    • http://thecurvyfashionista.mariedenee.com Marie Denee

      thank you for the love! 

  • http://www.weeshasworld.com Weesha

    You look like a goddess, that colour just makes you glow. You look absolutely stunning :)

    • http://thecurvyfashionista.mariedenee.com Marie Denee

      Hey boo!!!! Thank you soooo kindly! I had quite a ball in that dress! Felt all pretty! LOL 

  • Caroline

    You look stunning.  I was actually hoping to attend myself, but so much of it seemed by invitation only.
    Hope you’re having a wonderful time. Can’t wait to hear all about it.

    • http://thecurvyfashionista.mariedenee.com Marie Denee

      Oh!!! Not everything was invite only darlin! YOU HAVE TO COME NEXT  TIME! if you EVER have questions, please be sure to ask me!!!! 

  • http://franniepantz.blogspot.com Frannie Pantz

    You look absolutely gorgeous!

    • http://thecurvyfashionista.mariedenee.com Marie Denee

      Thanks Frannie!!!! 

  • Incrediblysassy

    Stellar!! You were radiant! Love the summer glow!

  • Incrediblysassy

    Stellar!! You were radiant! Love the summer glow!

    • http://thecurvyfashionista.mariedenee.com Marie Denee

      GURL!!! the summer glow was NYC Humidity! LOL but thank you! LOL 

  • http://www.considermelovely.com Rocquelle P.

    A+ You look gorgeous! I can’t really see the braid side of your hair, but it’s beautiful.

    • http://thecurvyfashionista.mariedenee.com Marie Denee

      Heheheh you caught that? LOL oh wait… you couldnt.. never mind me! 

  • Blueprint4Style

    You’re forgiven! How were the shows? Clothing and styling for the full-figured woman or just the size 14?

    • http://thecurvyfashionista.mariedenee.com Marie Denee

      Ohhh honey! There were fashions for women up to a 5x I believe! Models were sizes 12- 22 on the runway working it!!!!!! 

  • http://twitter.com/CCBCOLLECTION Cassaundra Bourne


    What a great choice the green maxi dress is an easy FIVE stars! You look amazing from head to toe.

    • http://thecurvyfashionista.mariedenee.com Marie Denee

      !!! Does a lil shimmy! Thank you love! 

  • http://feastfulife.wordpress.com/ mitch

    love how the fabric just flows, nice choice and definitely look stunning! :)

    • http://thecurvyfashionista.mariedenee.com Marie Denee

      Thank you sooo kindly Mitch! I love Rachel Pally to bits! 

  • http://feastfulife.wordpress.com/ mitch

    love how the fabric just flows, nice choice and definitely look stunning! :)

  • Dominique0504

    Wow!! Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. That green looks lovely on you.