The Flatform: Yea or Nay?

The Fendi Flatform

The Fendi Flatform

As I have perusing the internet, checking out shoe trends, there was one that gave me pause- with confliction…

Is it a platform? Is it a Flat?



Philip Lim Flatform

Philip Lim Flatform

LOL, yes…


And I am conflicted…

While some like these Philip Lim, can be quite cute, for the most part, these are NOT my favorite amongst the Spring shoe trends. HOWEVER, I think, pairing with the Boho inspirations for the spring, I think this goes right up that alley? I dunno… I find myself scratching my head… thinking I could MAYBE don a pair, like once and then it would sit in my closet forever…

Spring 2011 Shoe Trend: The Flatform(Clockwise: Wynn Camel Flatform, Chanel Velvet Flatform, Jill Sander Flatform, Cacharel Flatform, Wolf Hunter Flatform)

Maybe this is the Virgo of practicality in me talking- who knows?



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  • Moni

    I’m not completely convinced but I do like the wooded clog. Hey but anything that adds hieght and is still confortable can persuade me!

    • Marie Denee

      hmmm, well if you get a flatform shoe- will you share? I wanna see!

  • TheClothesRUs

    I dunno about “flatforms” – if you’ve got a larger foot you might end up looking like one of the Munsters

  • TheClothesRUs

    I dunno about “flatforms” – if you’ve got a larger foot you might end up looking like one of the Munsters

    • Marie Denee

      And my size 10 foot feels the same about that… lol… back in the daaaayy I had flip flops with the platform, dunno how I feel about going back to this!

  • Defying My Closet (Sabrina)

    Im confused by these as well. They are basically a flat wedge. But I will say I like how the wooded cognac ones above look (top left of collage).

    • Marie Denee

      I think these are the most normal types we have seen season after season, as far as the other ones… I am scurred… lol

  • Michelle STW

    I am pretty psyched about this trend – for those of us who can no longer wear real heels this at least gives us some options with a little “boost” and there are some pretty cute ones, especially if you keep the balance right and the platform not too heavy. Proceed with caution though – some of them are just plain uggggllllyyyyy.

    • Marie Denee

      I dunno… I am on the fence… I suppose a trip to the store for some “testing” will have to work! LOL

      • Michelle STW

        Shoe shopping? Did someone say shoe shopping? LOL

  • Sohoaccessories

    I would have to try them…I can’t stand a heavy shoe. If they feel like dumbells then I just put them back.

    • Marie Denee

      DUMBELLS? Hahahahaha! I always feel like I’d be stomping life out! LOL… I DO wonder how heavy they’d be… although I imagine they’d be light! :)

  • Anonymous

    I have a few wedge type shoes that I supposed you could call flatforms. Love ‘em. Foot injuries mean I can’t wear real heels, so these are the only cute, feminine shoes I get to wear that boost my short self off the ground at all.

    They have to be the RIGHT flatforms, mind you, but yeah, sometimes they rock.

    • Marie Denee

      Oooh! Gotcha!!! Do you like any of these above? I sooo want to see a pic!

  • MNS

    Didn’t those used to be called wedges? What makes them different?

  • Moe

    OMG! I love them. All the height and allusion with more comfort. Awesome idea.

  • JamieSanford

    I’m into the flatform. I sometimes want some more height in a shoe but feel like I’ll fall over in a big heel so this is a great solution.

  • Lisaj99

    Here’s why these flatforms are great…they are cute, they give you height, yet they don’t dont angle your arches and foot. Some people really can’t wear heels anymore and these are definitely an interesting substitute.

  • FoxInFlats

    mmmm, I’ve been pondering the Flatform too. I think they could be a good alternative for to wear instead of flats when you need a bit of extra height (e.g. wearing with flares, or on those ‘fat’ days when you need a bit of ‘lift’)