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So You Want Wide Calf Boots? Shopping Tips and Where to Shop

So You Want Wide Calf Boots? Shopping Tips and Where to Shop

Yes, it is still over 80 Degrees outside (at least in California) but my mind is already starting to shift into Fall mode. And Fall, for me, amongst many things= Boots. Over the Knee Boots especially.

In my browsing of the internets for over the knee boots in wide calf options, I happened across a few sites for plus size women who crave high quality and high fashion boots that ACTUALLY FIT our calves and/ or wide feet.

Wide Calf Boots: Duo Boots Laurel

Before you press buy, it is important to know that your sizes and how your favorite brands fit!

Here are a few fit tips for boot shopping:Wide Calf Boots: Ros Hommerson Shirley OTK Boot at

  • Know that the standard for most boots is about a 15” so if you are looking for boots, use this as your guide!
  • Measure your calf at its widest point- And measure both calves too! If the difference is more than half an inch, go up an inch!
  • If you want to be able to wear your jeans tucked in, take this into account when shopping!
  • Measure from your heel to height desired to determine how high you want them to go!
  • Quality is key. The worst thing to do is hunt down a pair of boots only for them to fall apart after one season! I suggest that you invest in them, since you will more than likely be rocking them all season long and beyond! I have boots from five years ago! I love them and live for them!
  • Petite, plus size, and wide calves? breaks this down quite nicely!

To ensure you have the best fit, you must note:

  • Wide Calf: 16 to 18 ¼” boot
  • Extra Wide Calf: 17 ½ to a 20” boot
  • Super Wide Calf: 18 to 21” boot

Here’s Where to shop for Wide Calf Boots:

In addition to some of our favorite retailers like Evans, Simply Be, Lane Bryant, One Stop Plus, and a few more, there are a few specialty retailers who know a thing or two about a great wide calf boot! No worries, I have a listed them out for you!

Bennetts  Boots

Australian boot brand Bennett’s Boots ships internationally and carries boots up to a size 12 (EU 43) with calf widths up to a corresponding 22 inch for the WWW sizes! International shipping is flat rate of $29.95!

Duo Boots

Wide Calf Boots: Duo boots Beech

This site is sexy. This UK based boot designer delivers wide calf boots up to a 50 cm (roughly 19.6 inches) and shoes sizes up to a 12/ UK 43! The site is chock full of trends, tips, and fashions! They also offer free shipping over $250!

See Also

Wide Widths

One such place that gives options is! I went over to the site and was surprised of the options, especially since they go up to a size 13ww and offer boots up to a calf size of 20”+ in selected sizes!

I hope this helps you out as you get ready to shop for boots for fall!

Where do you shop for wide calf boots? Have you shopped any of these retailers? What boots are you looking for, for fall?

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  • I agree about Torrid boots for the price they are worth a few pairs and the width is always roomy.  Theirs heels are usually the first to go but if you purchase right you get them at a steal .

    I also own a couple of pairs from wide widths and the product is well worth it, just do yourself a favor go for the super width on some of their boots because I measured and the sizing was slightly off

    I plan on ordering from Duo this fall

  • I have *never* been able to find a boot to fit my 22″ “super wide calf” – even sites that say they have them have turned out to be a bust for me. You list a few that I wasn’t aware of, so I will definitely check them out. But yeah, the best I can usually do is ankle booties 🙁

    •  Thanks for the mention!  @42a8a260ef858172f37628786e6fe08b:disqus is launching a new calf size this week – Super Plus Wide Calf – they actually go up to a 24 3/4″ calf for a size 13 (it starts 21″ for a size 6).  I’ve seem them myself – they are gorgeous and are sure to fit your calf.   Check us out!

  • Naturalizer has “wide shaft” boots. They also have shoes for wide feet. The wide shaft, wide foot boots I got last year were amazing. And you don’t have to pay for international shipping!

  • Those look adorable! Good Wide calf boots are hard to find! And I am sure that your tips are very useful for the people who came to read this blog.

  • Thanks for all the leads, but I can’t help but notice they all come exclusively in black and brown. What about those of us with wide calves and a hankering for a little color in our closet? Any leads on those?

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