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Missed our #UareEnough Twitter Chat? No Worries, We have the Recap!

Missed our #UareEnough Twitter Chat? No Worries, We have the Recap!

UareEnough Twitter Chat

#UareEnough. This message was heard loud and clear. Yesterday, myself, Girl with Curves, and Style Has No Size got together to host our very first twitter chat with #UareEnough. We wanted to talk about size diversity, accepting ourselves, and being enough. Enough as a woman, enough as a woman of color, and enough in the eyes of ourselves- liking what we liked in the mirror.

The chat went quite well! With the exception of me being locked out, 45 minutes into the chat! But there were quite a few gems and takeaways from this chat that resonated with me. But I wanted those of you who do not have twitter nor had other things you had to do, to have a chance to catch up!

Below, I have used Storify to recap this conversation for you! So please scroll through this chat and feel free to Retweet, like, or share those gems that resonate with you!

The #UareEnough Twitter Chat

UareEnough Twitter ChatWhat did you think of the conversation? We will have this once a month- right now, and will continue to have this conversation. We plan on bringing in special guests, hopefully host giveaways, and grow this conversation- as it needs to be had.

You know, there are definitely ways that we can affect change, and one of those ways are talking about it. Being able to hold respectful and open dialogue helps some talk it out, think about, and reflect upon their own processes.

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I know for me, there were quite a few gems that left me inspired and motivated! Seriously, listening to others share links, articles, images and their thoughts made me happy to see that the thoughts and frustrations I shared with Tanesha and Edith were not singular!

Did you participate? What do you think of this? Leave a comment and let’s talk about it!

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