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Torrid Relaunches Website AND They Include Additional Extended Sizing!

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[tps_header]Last weekend, we got some news that Torrid relaunched their website, making online shopping with the plus size retailer much easier, safer, and cool. There is a faster search feature, better ways to shop by color, size, inseam and style, a heavy dose on the imagery with larger images and video and faster checkout with fewer clicks.

Got a love a makeover right? We have had a few over here at The Curvy Fashionista, but what makes this relaunch newsworthy was the addition of a few more sizes. Normally, Torrid has served up to a size 5, or a size 30/32. For this relaunch, they have silently introduced a size SIX!

Yes, Torrid has introduced a size 6 to their mix!

A size SIX? Honey… for those of you who are a size 34/36- THIS is quite exciting! And we have sifted through and picked out a few of our faves from the options!

Torrid Introduces a Size 6 to the Mix- Our Faves: [/tps_header]

Torrid Introduces a Size 6 to the Mix- Our Faves on The Curvy Fashionista

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Written by Marie Denee

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  1. Would make me happier if they started carrying these sizes in stores so I could go try them on! Costs me twice as much to try on clothes because I have to ship back what doesn’t fit.

  2. I somehow missed this, but good for Torrid! More options are always a good thing but I do agree that for those who need extended sizing it is frustrating to have to do all of their shopping online. I like being able to go into a store and not only try things on for fit but be able to see the construction and fabric up close. It helps me avoid spending money on needless returns but it also helps the company because there are just as many times when something that is questionable or unimpressive online is much nicer in person so they get a sale they might not have gotten otherwise. That’s why Torrid, Lane Bryant and other stores that carry my size in a bricks-and-mortar affair will always be my choice over someone like Old Navy or Eddie Bauer that carry plus sizes but have nothing in their stores.

    They used to at least carry a handful of styles in a dusty corner of every 3rd store but they can’t even bother with that anymore. It seems like the message they’re sending is “I want your money but I want to put minimal effort into serving you and want to keep you at arms length.” I’m kind of over taking on extra burdens to pay top dollar to these companies who are wishy-washy about how they serve their plus-size consumer. I do a lot of shopping online but it’s usually custom garments or a retailer that simply doesn’t have physical stores.

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