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Shapewear Refresh: 4 Styles of Plus Size Shapewear & Where to Get It!

Shapewear Refresh: 4 Styles of Plus Size Shapewear & Where to Get It!

Shapewear Refresh: Different Styles of Plus Size Shape Wear and Where to Get it
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Shapewear. It’s a weapon most curvy girls have in our arsenal. But with the gazillion types and varieties out there to choose from, it can be more than a little overwhelming. I know that it was for me, when I first made the plunge to invest in one.

Fortunately, The Curvy Fashionista is NO STRANGER to giving us the tips and tricks necessary to buy products that not only fit our needs but also fit our budget. We’ve written about shapewear basics in the past (consider that Shapewear 101). But I’m a firm believer in making sure our knowledge is retained. Now that dress season is currently underway, it is the perfect opportunity to revisit the subject of shapewear. Are you ready for a refresher course? Let’s get started!

4 Styles of Plus Size Shapewear & Where to Get it

From full body, which provides complete and total coverage, to waist cinchers, which makes your silhouette like Whoah, shapewear can help you smooth and slinkify (not a real word, but work with me!) your curves. This of course can accentuate your look all season!

We hope that this quick little refresher course was just the tools you needed to help make the choice to try some of them for yourself. If you’re no stranger to them, perhaps we helped you find the next piece to add to your lingerie collection!

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Are you a curve-shaping aficionado? Where do you score your favorite pieces? Let’s chat all about it in the comments! We cannot wait to hear from you!

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