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NOTE FROM MARIE: I was having a conversation with a guy friend of mine who has quite a way with words and in our conversation, he was sharing with me what he thought of plus size women and immediately I knew that I had to have him share with you, what some men are thinking about US.

SO,  I realized that you all loved what our prior conversation with these two men and what they had to say about us, I thought to play around with this a little bit.

Once a month, I will invite men in to share what they think, how they see us, fashion thoughts, and everything in between.

So, to kick things off, please welcome DJ, our FIRST contributor as he shares a few thoughts…

First let me start by saying, beauty doesn’t have a size, shape, or color. I’ve learned in my life that the most beautiful things are not quantified by any one thing.

Women fit this mantra to a tee.

Short, tall, thin, curvy beautiful has no bounds.

I’ve had several conversations with plus sized women, listening to them belittle themselves and it breaks my heart.

plus size model gigi marie shot by andersonsource

Whether or not you’re the size you want to be, your beauty should not be dimmed by what you weigh or by what perfect imperfections you have.

We all have insecurities, we all have things in ourselves we would like to change, but believing that we are beautiful has to be priority number one.

If you not happy with your size try to change it. If your skin is flawed learn how to properly clean your skin and/or how to apply make-up. If your clothes don’t fit you right, expand where you shop and search for different styles, like what Marie has done for you.

As a black man that LOVES, I repeat LOVES women in all shapes and sizes, let me leave you with this…

If you and I are walking down the street and someone insults you, you would expect me to defend you, right? But what about when you insult yourself? How can you expect me to be ok with silence?

Loving you becomes almost impossible if you can’t love yourself.

Jezra Matthews Canvas Photography New York


Try it, I’d be willing to bet if you do, your life of love and your inner happiness will grow by leaps and bounds!

Let me leave you with a little something I wrote….

There was a lady I once knew with beauty,

That the Gods could only create

But her power was never realized

Cause herself she filled with hate.

She complained of her hair

Disenchanted with her size,

She hated how she photographed

Even the color of her eyes.

Her heart was always heavy,

Alone she thought she’d always be in

Never appreciating her gifts inside

Not living carpe diem.

Loving herself, something she could not grasp

Short changing herself,

That misery would always last.

But God had other plans

He showed her a power she didn’t know she had

Seeing her light glow from within

The smile lost now found.

Happy with herself, she now shines beyond.

The negative thoughts are gone

Her struggles she pushes aside

Realizing that love first must come from inside.


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Ladies, what do we think about what DJ had to say? Echo his sentiments? Want to hear more? Sound off!

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