Show Your Legs In These 8 Must Have Plus Size Shorts

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Who’s ready for summer, raise your hand! With this crazy weather (it has literally rained everyday since summer started here in Georgia), I am sure everyone is yearning for a nice sunny day right? So a few weeks ago we asked you about wearing shorts and your answers varied. Some of you loved wearing shorts and some of you opted to stick with pants or skirts.

We even talked some more about shorts on Coffee with Marie and ya’ll expressed some of your fears behind not being the biggest fan of wearing shorts. So, let’s talk shorts. They too come in all shapes, colors, and cuts. You can have neutrals, patterns, and even off-the-wall neon colors.

For most of you the trickiest part in finding the perfect pair, was the length and not wanting to show your legs too much.  Since we love to challenge ourselves in what we wear we want to challenge you too. We’ve found a variety to match every comfort level. Check out these cool styles for the summer.

Spring Into Summer Fashion With These Must Have Plus Size Shorts

So ladies, which of these were you most excited about trying on? We gave you different styles and fits like the bermuda shorts and  culottes, but there were also the tailored, scalloped hems, and, mid-length shorts. The options don’t stop here the list goes on and on! We wanted to give you some options to start you on your shorts journey.

The best part is these styles can be easily pieces together to make the perfect outfit. You can top off your outfit with a tank top, t-shirt, or a crops. But, I know with our creative minds we will be rocking shorts in many different ways this summer, so own it! Let me know which is your favorite and if you would show off your legs in them! And if you wouldn’t…I dare you.

Until next time……Spring Into Summer Fashion With These Must Have Plus Size Shorts

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