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8 More Sites To Shop That Cater To Extended Plus Size!

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Often on the blog, I see comments where many of you are looking for places to shop beyond a size 24. Currently I’m a size 22/24 in bottoms, but in some brands or cuts these thighs won’t give me a break and many times I have to go up a size or two. So today, we take a minute to update our growing list of  shops catering to extended plus size women, already penned by boo, Phat Girl Fresh and share some more of our favorite places to shop for the fall season!

For my sisters wearing size 26 and above- it’s not just about finding brands that cater to your fashion needs- it’s also about great fit. And while slowly but surely, brands are stepping up to fill the void. We found that several plus size brands offer a large selection of their inventory to the expanded size customer, including exclusive designer collaborations with the likes of Ashley Nell Tipton for JCPenney and Christian Siriano for Lane Bryant!

So to help you out (or enable, whichever you choose) on your plus size shopping journey, we’ve rounded a FEW more online stores that offer items that are perfect for the extended plus size woman. Along with a couple of my fall picks, check out our list of Extended Plus Sizes and let us know if we missed any gems!

8 More Sites to Shop That Cater to Extended Plus Size!

Ashley Nell Tipton for JCPenney

JCP More Places To Shop for Extended Sizes Ashley Nell Tipton

Celebrate the fresh new style of Project Runway Winner Ashley New Tipton as she creates her first collection for JCPenney’s Boutique Plus. Tipton made sure plus size ladies got in on her fun girl style with pink pleated skirts to a sequin bomber perfect for fall. Sizes go up to 5X/36w.

To shop the Collection, go to


Society Plus

Society Plus More Places To Shop for Extended Sizes (16)

Devoted to diversity and total body love, the Society Plus brand is definitely one to add to your shopping list. With their “Honest Sizing” policy, every item is promised to be true to size. Sizes go up to 32w.

To shop, go to

 Courtney Noelle

Courtney Noelle More Places To Shop for Extended Sizes (12)

Creating some pretty spectacular pieces, Courtney Noelle adds fun and flare to all her pieces no matter what the size. Courtney Noelle goes up to size 28.

To shop the latest collection, go to


KyonniaMore Places To Shop for Extended Sizes (17)

Now 20 years into the business of plus size size fashion, the Kiyonna brand is known to provides sultry, fashionable pieces for plus size women up to size 32.

To shop the Kiyonna collection, go to

Gwynnie Bee

GwynnieBeeMore Places To Shop for Extended Sizes (9)

Gwynnie Bee is a clothing rental subscription service for women sizes 10-32. They carry stylish fashion that never goes out of style and you get to change out your closet of items anytime you choose.

Try the first month free here!

Old Navy

Old Navy More Places To Shop for Extended Sizes (7)

Yes, has also extended their plus size options, going up to a size 30. They do have some cute basics online (yes, I know… online only) and is definitely easy on the pockets!

To shop, go to


ModClothMore Places To Shop for Extended Sizes (2)

Going up to size 4X/30. is a great place to get retro looking items and quirky pieces.

To shop, go to


More Places To Shop for Extended Sizes (11)

Dedicated to creating garments for the fashion-conscious curvy woman size 10-28, Jibri offers designs filled with beautiful draping and cuts just for the curvy woman. Many pieces can fit up to a size 30.

Shop the latest collections at

And while it’s no surprise how difficult it can be shopping for plus size clothing, many of our favorite brands are taking great steps into extending their sizes beyond the size 24. To create fashion for all! About time! And for those who have not, what are YOU waiting for? Come on boo, get it together!

Have you tried any of the shops above? What did you like about them?

Did we miss any? Let us know!

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