Ask the Reader: Could You Rock these Plus Size Denim Joggers?

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I love these Ask the Reader moments… Love hearing from you and what you think about the topics at hand. You all get a bit live and I live for it! Today’s ‘Ask the Reader’ is an elevated trend that I am soooo curious about. You see, I could definitely see myself rocking out in these, chillin on an easy breezy day. But I wanted to share with you these Alice and You Denim Joggers from ASOS Curve.

I do love this sporty trend for the spring. A relaxed chic approach to life, because you know, it gets like that sometimes. But when I saw these joggers in denim, my interest was piqued and I had to ask you about these immediately.

Wait, let me share with you:

These Alice and You Denim Joggers from ASOS Curve

Alice and You Plus Size Denim Joggers from ASOS Curve

I can only see these casually cute, but I could see myself in them all the time though, especially since my life is much more laid back than not! I see a boxy crop top, strategic layers, a swing type of tank, or even a soft blazer- mayyybe. There are all kinds of ideas that I have here and I am not sure which one to dive into first, but these joggers? I could see this.

Alice and You Plus Size Denim Joggers from ASOS Curve

You can get these Alice and You Denim Joggers from ASOS Curve!

Ohhh I have this Babooshka white long sleeve crop that I think would be perfect for the cool nights, just hanging out. I am curious how these would FEEL though. I am curious as to how soft it would feel or be.

But here is the beauty of these new trends in plus size fast fashion, you can test it out without dropping too much and see if you want to commit even further! WOOT!

What do you think? Could you see yourself in these? I do have wild ideas for these! How would you freak these?

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