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The 7 Plus Size Denim Must Haves in Your Closet

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As we ready ourselves for fall, the perfect pair of plus size denim is always one of those things that are at the top of the list of must haves-the scariest and most difficult thing for women to find! This is not lost on straight size women as well!

But as I was reading Glamour’s guide, I thought to do a plus size version, with a few of the places to shop, the looks, and a few more suggestions if you are bold and daring!

So what are you looking for in denim? Will this season’s trends sit in your closet? I think regardless of season these 7 Plus Size Denim Must Haves will ease your denim woes once you find them that work for you! Also, have you checked out my plus size denim guide? There I break down cuts, washes, shapes and what to expect BEFORE you go shopping!

Here we go!

The 7 Plus Size Denim Must Haves in Your Closet

Skinny light/medium blue jeans

My TRUSTY Torrid Stiletto jeans are a perfect example of denim this style that can be rocked soooo many ways.

Addition Elle Leopard Peplum


I loved them sooo much I bought two black pair. YES, THAT good. Over the knee boots, chunky sweaters, flowy tunics, blazers and everything else in between, the skinny jean is a tried and true and new staple!

White jeans

YES, you can rock white denim, the key here is FIT and the amount of lycra used and woven into the denim.

Everyday Plus Size Luxury Essentials with Cushie B

I would err on the side of less stretch here, just enough to glide over the bum, but not too much that you loose shape after five minutes. Think 2-3% at most.

Plus size white jeans You can shop these at Ashley Stewart, Lane Bryant and Simply Be!

The trouser jean

I love my trouser jeans! I have had these Simply Be ones for years and they always look brand new.

Marie Denee in plus size wide leg jeans

TRUST, I will be rocking them much more often this fall. In a darker hue, they can be dressed up AND down seamlessly With a blouse and a blazer, they offer a great alternative to casual Fridays at work!

A denim pencil skirt

I am kinda mad about getting rid of the one I had.

Here, I am inspired by this look from

conzapatosnuevos denim skirt inspiration


But no worries, I will find another! I do see why they referenced this. A denim pencil skirt is such a classic silhouette, offering a great alternative to a basic black pencil skirt! Like this one from!

Plus size denim skirt from Simply be


Black skinny jeans

Go Graphic! 10 Tees From Torrid You Need This Spring!

Second to the skinny jeans, we love a great pair of Torrid Stiletto jeans, these are always a great option to leggings, or trousers!

A great option to denim, especially if you really want to make your outfit THAT much more fancier.

A denim jacket

A great option for those casual days, the denim jacket or blazer is quite cool. Such as this Torrid Denim Jacket

Torrid Denim Jacket

I remember having both and effortlessly grew out of them both, I am now on a hunt for both and with this season’s sporty trend transitioning into the fall, I am here for all of this!

Denim button up

Head to toe denim, yes, I like this. I am here for all of it.

Plus size denim Essentials

It has taken me a minute to get with it, but I have safely arrived to this conclusion of its chic appeal! Not only head to toe, but paired with a bold midi skirt, I can get with this program! Can you?

+1 For the bold and daring- Overalls!

In the summer it was shortalls and I tiptoed in this trend, feeling quite playful and bold in these Addition Elle ShortAlls on sale for $30!!!

Plus size denim Essentials

But for the fall, full length overalls are coming in with a vengeance! I have seen them sooo many different ways! Grunge is one way, but I do find myself gravitating to the polished contradiction!

Could you? Would you? Check out these from Addition Elle (coming soon), City Chic, and Ashley Stewart!

Plus Size Denim Essentials

+2 Another emerging MUST HAVE? Boyfriend Jeans!

Currently, I think I have four pair of these style of jeans. They are sooooo comfortable.



You can rock these extremely dressed up OR down and funky! It is all about your mood and style! I have two I love from City Chic!

plus size denim must have- the plus size boyfriend jean from City Chic on the Curvy Fashionista

We must add that when you do have your essentials, there isn’t a need to have 25 pair of random denim in your closet and picking out the perfect look with your denim is THAT much easier! I promise. 😉

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Make sure you check out my Plus Size Denim Fit and Style Guide to help you along your way!

What do you think about these denim must haves? Do you have all of these? What are you searching for to round this out?

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Written by Marie Denee

I am the Editor in Chic of The Curvy Fashionista. Often goofy. Forever emo. Always a Virgo. You can find me somewhere grooving to 90s R&B.

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  1. I am here for all of these looks!! You make them look so fun . I was reluctant about boyfriend jeans because I wasn’t sure being larger I could rock them properly but that look you have going on gives me some ideas!! And I have to replenish my denim so this helps alot.

  2. It took me awhile to get with the skinnies, but I love them now. Need black ones. Newly in love with boyfriend jeans. Who knew? They look good with everything! I really want to do the overalls but I rocked them in the mid-90s so probably shouldn’t again. BUT, I will probably cave and do it anyway.

    • I LOVE them to pieces! I have went and bought two pair of black Stiletto jeans cause they are that good- YES. THAT good! The overalls, I have seen sooo many options and looks that are just tooo polished and I have to give it at least one try! LOL

  3. I would love to find a nice denim jegging or jean that fits properly. I have a pair that gets loose after 10 minutes of wearing them! Torrid for me always has their sizing off, I order things and they’re either too baggy or too tight. I did get a Parasuco denim jacket from Addition Elle this week that I LOVE. Worth every penny! Also finally got myself the black blazer jacket with the pleather sleeves. Love that look with the Boyfriend jeans.

    • YEAHHH Tam to finding the perfect pair of jeans! Woot! Usually when they get too loose, the percentage of lycra or spandex is too high… Make sure you opt for lesser percentages or check the blend or how taught a pair of jeans are if you get the chance to go in store!

      Good luck!

  4. I love them all! I am a girl that has the tummy. A size 14. However I have no booty to hold anything up. I am tired of looking like I have no butt. I mean I don’t but I would like to look like I do. 🙂 any suggestions? Thank you btw, you are beautiful!

    • Thank you Lore! I believe it all depends on the top you rock with and denim you play in that works best to your shape! I am not rocking with the fullest booty, BUT pocket placement is key!!!

  5. Ooh.. I Luv Ur Denim Trousers.. I’ve Been Rockin Those For Yrs.. Luv The Boyfriend & Jeggins As Well.. Having A Hard Time Findin A Cap Sleeve Denim Jacket.. Or The 3/4 Sleeve.. Can U Direct A SistaGyrl 2 The Nearest Site Plzzz!!

  6. I have a nearly impossible time finding trouser jeans… I guess maybe designers think that above a certain plus size you don’t want or need them?? I’ll check out the places you mentioned just in case, but I don’t hold out much hope.

  7. looking for curvy jeans in size 10/12. have had time finding jeans to fit in hips. narrow waist wide waist. to small for plus size and and to big for regular size. thanks

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