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6 Girl Power Songs To Help You OWN 2016

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Well curvy cuties, we made it to another year! Just like you, I am so excited about all of the great things that this year will hold not only for myself but for you and the curvy community as a whole. I know that many of you have your resolutions in place and are working hard. I also know that any time you are on the heels of greatness, adversity has a way of showing it’s ugly face. This is why I am encouraging you to embrace our (TCF Crew) theme for 2016, “OWN IT!”

Photo from Curves with Moves

Photo from Curves Got Moves

We (TCF Crew) want you to know that despite the difficulty of things, if you want something, you must pursue it to your fullest ability. You have to set your sights on that thing and make it yours even if it seems unattainable. As I stated before, I know all about adversity and how it shows up just when you feel that you are about to achieve greatness but you have to smile in the face of adversity and keep it moving. 

6 Girl Power Songs To Help You OWN 2016

1. If You Dare, Jazmine Sullivan

2. Don’t Need It, Rapsody

3. Go Get It, Mary Mary

4. Do My Thing, Estelle

5. Anything Beyonce!

6.So Blessed, Jill Scott

+1 Alright, Kendric Lamar

Trust me, I know that it is hard and I know that there are times when we really need inspiration. During many of those times in my life, instead of turning to friends and family, I turned to music. Yes, music! I have found so much inspiration in music and I am sure many of you have too.

However, In the event that you haven’t and just in case you need a little push on your quest to “OWN IT,” I wanted to share a short soundtrack that should leave you inspired and ready to take over the world!

Now that I have shared some of my inspiration, share a little of yours with us. What songs inspire you? Chime in ladies!

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