My Style: Soaking Up the Sun in My Sorella Swim Bikini

sorella swim my style

You know last year, on vacation was the last time I rocked out in a bikini. And before that, it had to be easily ten years. Posing in a bikini takes courage you know. AND it is  not as easy as one thinks… so last year, I played around in a few suits, gaining the courage to do what I did this go … [Read more...]

Plus Size Swim: Sorella Swim 2014 Collection

Plus Size Swim: Sorella Swim 2014 Collection on The Curvy Fashionista

Yes, it is in the middle of winter. BUT, new collections are still dropping and from last week’s swimwear post, you are ready for it! Have you hear of Sorella Swim? This plus size swimwear company is no stranger to the Curvy Fashionista. I have a few pieces from this collection and as the newest … [Read more...]

My Style: Stepping Out in my Plus Size Bikinis

Marie Denee on Vacation Plus Size Bikini Style

Six days. No internet. No phone. The Bahamas. The Beach. BLISS This has been long overdue. I have needed a vacay (a real one) for over seven years. SEVEN YEARS it has been since I took a proper vacation, escaping the day’s hustle and bustle to properly unplug and … [Read more...]

Cover Up in Style: 10 Fashionable Plus Size Caftans for Poolside Drama

10 Fashionable Plus Size Caftans for Poolside Drama

If you do not already know, I am planning my life right now for my first vacation in over 7 years to the Bahamas. So, in my mind, I have started packing, assessing what I need to add to the wardrobe, and shopping for novels to read on the beach. No. For reals. My vacation may be in July, but my … [Read more...]

First Look: Sorella Swim 2013

First Look: Plus Size Designer Sorella Swim 2013

I cannot wait to go on my future vacation. In August, I will set sail on a 7 day cruise. I am hyped and what is really cool is that there will be tons of options for me to shop from and one of those places is Sorella Swim. I cannot wait. I cannot wait to try on a few things from this … [Read more...]

#TCFturn3 Giveaway- Escape the Winter Chill with Sorella Swim

Sorella Swim Giveaway on The Curvy Fashionista

Happy After Christmas! Today I am sure you are scouring the deals the sales throughout the web- no worries, I will be sharing them with you shortly! BUT, we are still in giveaway mode! Yes, ladies we are still doing giveaways, and this week, I will have one a day! Woot! So, today’s giveaway is … [Read more...]

Introducing Sorella Swim- Plus Size Designer Resort Wear

Plus Size Designer Resort Wear- Sorella Swim

It’s the middle of winter, yet you are seeing collections with bathing suits, lounge-wear, long flowing pieces, and who could ask why… In between the Fall and Spring Collection comes Resort Wear! This is usually the perfect time where people escape the freezing cold weather and vacation in Florida, … [Read more...]