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Your Must Read Weekend Plus Size News Roundup!

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Controversy is not something foreign to the plus size community. When we make strides forward, we seem to bring a bit of controversy with each step forward. Should we still we still use the title of “plus size”? Should women feel comfortable posting selfies online if they are bigger?

The average woman is plus size. So, why is it an issue celebrating real women and their bodies? And, when will beauty become an inclusive concept?

First, it is important to know what is happening? Knowledge is always power, whether it is good or bad news.

The River Island Plus Lookbook (2)

Second, we have to learn to find your tribe. Supporting brands and designers who are supportive of our community is key. There is no need to wait for straight size retailers to come around to making  larger sizes when there are brands exclusively serving the plus size community right now.

Third, love yourself! Whether you are plus size or not, you are meant to live a joyous and abundant life free from self doubt and self hatred.

Enjoy getting caught up on the plus size news you need to know!

  • Ebony March Cover- The Body Brigade IssueBy now, you may have seen the EBONY cover featuring GabiFresh, Jazmine Sullivan, Danielle Brooks, and Christte Michele! Learn more about the cover story and the discussion about being plus size in America on!
  • Marie Southard Ospina from Bustle posed a very important question. Is it brave to wear plus size fashion? When big girls posts selfies is that news worthy? You can check out the full article HERE!
  • Bree Warren shuts down the “Plus Size” debate in“Dropping the Term “Plus Size” Won’t Fix the Problem” Preach Bree! gallery-1457016324-elle-talkingbody
  • Would you prefer Curvasexalicious instead of Plus Size? On the Ellen Show, Ashley Graham says we should go with that term. You can find out more on ELLE!
  • Curvy Fashion Alert: Did you know that Yours Clothing is launching a plus size maternity capsule collection this spring? Get full details in Mirror!
  • You should be living the life you want regardless of your weight. Did you see the inspirational Huffington Post article about real plus size women traveling fabulously?
  • Plus Size Cosplay SHERO- Brichibi CosplaysHave you heard of Brichibi Cosplay? She is the Queer Plus Size Diva changing the Cosplay Scene by storm! Check out our full article!!
  • Did you hear that Cheryl Tiegs apologized for comments she made about Sports Illustrated model Ashley Graham? Read more on Fox News. You can read Ashley’s classy response to Cheryl’s initial comment HERE!
  • Did you catch the River Island Plus Size Lookbook? We gave you a teaser of the 75 piece collection over here! 

Life is as enjoyable as you make it! So, make sure you celebrate all of YOU!

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