Photoshop Fail: Melissa McCarthy in The Heat

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Rarely does an image provoke such emotion from me. However over the weekend I had read about a UK poster of Melissa McCarthy in her latest flick co-starring next to Sandra Bullock, The Heat. I actually am really excited about this cause I also have a huge girl crush on both Sandra and Melissa, comically speaking. I seriously cannot wait to see this movie….


When I saw the promotional poster as I drove down the 405 this weekend, I was irked beyond. BEYOND. You see, the powers that be photo-shopped Melissa McCarthy sooooooooooooo bad that you can BARELY recognize her.

“Hi! I’m actress Melissa McCarthy! You may remember me from Bridesmaids, or recent US hit Identity Thief! I’m here to tell you all about a new weight loss program called The Shitty Photoshop Diet! It couldn’t be easier!” Quote shared on The

Seriously, I am not even exaggerating. Look at Melissa McCarthy:

Photoshop Fail: Melissa McCarthy in The Heat

I mean, this is despicable on sooo many levels. I can UNDERSTAND a few touches here and there, but photoshopping someone into an unrecognizable actress?

*le sigh*

Photoshop Fail: Melissa McCarthy in The Heat

Just when I thought we were taking a few steps forward… we now jump back three…

Photos from

What do you think of this debacle? Are you as incensed as I am? Leave your comment and let’s talk about it…

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