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Overheard: Smart Women Aren’t Fat- A Guest Post

Overheard: Smart Women Aren’t Fat- A Guest Post

from Shai at Converting Me

You know that awkward moment between when you press ‘play’ and when the music starts?

I’m in that moment when I overhear a man say that “smart women aren’t fat…”

Those four words struck a chord in me that I haven’t been able to escape the reverberations.


What does that mean?

Smart women aren’t fat?

I, as a women who is fat believe myself to be of reasonable intelligence.

No, I can’t expound on the principles of string theory at the drop of a hat or beat you about the head with all the events of the timeline of the Crimean War.

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I’ve turned those four words over in my head several times and I still can’t infer a meaning that makes sense to me out of it.

Did the man mean that smart women are more attuned to the needs of the body? Does it mean that smart women know the benefits of exercise and good nutrition? Does it mean that smart women marry rich men and can afford personal trainers and nutritionists? Does it mean that smart women understand the benefits of looking good or being good looking in a visual male society?

Does it mean that someone meets me and automatically subtracts 20, 30, 50 points from my IQ before they hold a conversation with me?

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  • It’s just a typical idiotic statement that tell more about the writer than about any of us. Sorry for his stupidity and, by the way, I have a masters degree and am fat.

  • I’m 240 lbs, and I hold an IQ of 160. Sorry if those numbers are too high for you to associate with each other, sir.

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