No Compromise- What I’ll spend my pretty pennies on

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Ashe… I love you. Taking inspiration from her 10 things I won’t give up to save money, I thought about it a bit and funnily enough, I had quite a list… and it had me thinking a bit.

Now as lavish as my personal tastes can be, I am such a consummate deal and coupon shopper! WOOT! But I also shop for value… and not because it is on sale… (Although Ideeli makes this really hard). With this, I had to share with you my non compromises and have to know what yours are too!

  • Laundry Detergent– Yes. I refuse to cheap out on the items that clothe my curves. For me I usually go with Tide. Liquid detergent ALWAYS! If you take fabulous care of your clothes they will take care of you! My mother doesn’t care about her detergent, but for me, I hate powder stains, love color care, and have noticed my clothes retain its color and shape when I invest a bit more in my detergent!
  • Jeans– I have curves and these thighs and derriere need quality denim that not only will hold my curves BUT that will wear them quite well. Investing in my jeans, for me gives me a higher cost per wear, comfort, and fashion! Cheaper denim, for me, cuts me, looses shape, and usually has a short life span. I play with PZI, Svoboda, Embody Denim, and Silver jeans!
  • Body Wash– I love my skin. I break out frequently. I hardly have to use lotion. So, for me, I take preventative measures with my body wash to ensure its softness, elasticity, and moisture. With that I usually opt for either Oil of Olay or Dove. I am sooo particular with this, my fam and friends know I do not play with anything else… I have tried, but I only haves eyes for Oil of Olay and Dove!
  • Handbag– Back in the day, while in undergrad, before Bloomingdales, I frequented Burlington Coat Factory like no other with tons of bags- however, once I got a whiff of buttery soft luxurious leathers in innovative and classic shapes, I never looked back. Chloe, Marc Jacob, Isabella Fiore, and Francesco Biasa speak to my fancy AND will last me eons- wayyy longer than my purses before!
  • Moisturizer (both Face and Body)- Like I said, I break out often so I have finally found what works for me, my little luxuries that I indulge in to ensure I put my best face and curve forward. Skinceuticals at night and Bare Essentials for day for my face. On my body, I bounce between Oil of Olay and Body Oils…
  • Shoes– Ahhh. How I wish that I could fashion my wide width feet holding all these curves on some of my favorite stores… Payless, Target, Torrid (at least for pumps!). Now, I have spoiled my feet with shoes that give amazing support, high fashion, and stellar posture! Le sigh… such a bad problem to have!
  • Jackets– I hate shopping for classics and staples. Because I do this so infrequently! I have them forever, given my initial investment in them- however- as I have gone up a few sizes, I need to invest in a jacket that is lined, cut impeccably, and that will last me AT LEAST another five years!
  • Mascara– I have THEEE Curliest eyelashes. I have never even heard of an eyelash curler until my senior year of high school! The classic Maybeline Mascara that everyone raves about does not work for me! I get down with Hypnose by Lancome! I’ve tried plenty!
  • My Hair Products- Uncle Funky’s Daughter. Yesssss… With my hair doing its own thing, I need a product that tames, controls, and nourishes my tresses and this does the trick. I have played with Kinky Curly, Africa’s Best, and all the others in between, but Uncle Funky’s Daughter is one I swear by and at $35+ a bottle for the leave in, it does the trick!
  • Coffee– Does this really need to be justified? LOL

What are the things you won’t compromise (or skimp on) to save money?

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Written by Marie Denee

I am the Editor in Chic of The Curvy Fashionista. Often goofy. Forever emo. Always a Virgo. You can find me somewhere grooving to 90s R&B.

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