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Before You Go Shopping:

Shopping Tips:

  • I Have a Secret and a Confession: Here I share with you my own personal shopping thresholds. I barely pay full price- NOT to be confused with being cheap! Take a read to learn why!
  • If You Dream About It, Make it Yours: I have my personal guide to help me avoid having a closet full of nothing to wear and I share with you what I look for to move in on the buy.
  • What I Consider Before I Make a Purchase: I am a particular shopper. Sometimes to a fault. But in this case, I think it’s great as it helps me help you! Here I share with you my thinking process!
  • The Top Fashion DO’s for Plus Size Women: we are always hearing the don’ts for plus size shopping, here I share a few do’s to help you along!
  • 10 Tips for Shopping in a Plus Size Internet World: Shopping online can be frustrating as most plus size options are online only. Here I give some tips to help you through!
  • Rocking Plus Size Shorts in the Summer- Do you Dare: We talk about plus size shorts, the fits, and the cuts. Have you been afraid of this? Check the comments for this really good convo!
  • Poised, Polished, Professional: Wear to Work Tips: Have you ever wondered what is business casual, why this dress code, or where to buy? I answer these and share some tips as you build the work wardrobe! BUT then, I fancy a post right after this with the plus size wear to work essentials!
  • Petite and Plus Size: I heard the cry! I rounded up the tops places to shop for cute petite pieces! Coming soon- Tall!
  • Beyond a 3X? I did a roundup and the readers left comments of all the cool places that offer fashion and style for those you above a 3X!

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