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Guest Post: Learning to Love Yourself Through Boudoir Photography

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Marie’s Note: I stumbled upon the work of Stephanie Stewart and immediately I had to share and in talking with her I knew she had to share her story and work. I had to have her share more about boudoir photography and how it helps some learn to love themselves- seeing themselves as beautiful, sensual, and since we are still talking about self-love and learning to love ourselves, I had to share! Enjoy!

Boudoir is a term that has become quite popular as many women envision a sexy lingerie photo session to wrap up as a beautiful gift for their significant other.  The pictures do make a sexy gift for your man but, as a Boudoir photographer I have seen that it is actually a gift for you.  The intimate setting allows you to take a moment to step back from yourself and view the beauty that the rest of the world sees in you.

What does that mean exactly? As women we naturally pick ourselves apart for every little thing we see as a flaw. We see ourselves as constantly imperfect in comparison to everyone around us. Usually when we receive compliments from our loved ones, we shrug it off as them being nice.

It is time for you to realize that they are seeing you for who you are and experience your true beauty, inside and out.  The greatest joy I come across in this career is when a client experiences the revelation of her actual beauty potential for the first time and tells me that she will never doubt herself again.

Plus Size Boudoir Photography by STephanie Stewart on The Curvy Fashionista

Body Love Revelations From My Clients:

Plus Size Boudoir Photography by STephanie Stewart on The Curvy Fashionista

I felt comfortable from moment one. During the session and everyday thereafter, I have never felt more beautiful. Looking at my portraits is a daily reminder of how amazing my experience was. – Miss. K

I was scheduled to do my boudoir shoot five weeks after having my second child. As you can imagine, many women tend to feel a bit self-conscious about their new body after giving birth…especially when you’re trying to look sexy.

My experience made me feel completely at ease and after a short time I truly did feel sexy and I think that came out in my pictures! – Mrs. C

Plus Size Boudoir Photography by STephanie Stewart on The Curvy Fashionista

The whole experience makes you feel beautiful inside and out, which every women should feel. As women we get beaten down with a mold of what we should look like every day. With that being said, feeling beautiful in our own skin is hard to do.

So, I say forget the mold just be the best you can be. Feel sexy all the time! Boudoir 100% makes you feel this way. You come out with so much more confidence then you walked in with and can now take on the world. She truly knows that every woman is beautiful and allows them to see for themselves in their photographs. – Miss. L

I can’t believe that it took till I was 33 to see how beautiful I am. You have giving me the most amazing gift, that I will never forget! – Miss. N

You see what I mean?

There are many women who have experienced great life changing results after doing a boudoir session. There is one client in particular who stands out because almost every aspect of her life has changed since doing a session with us.

Plus Size Boudoir Photography by STephanie Stewart on The Curvy Fashionista

She was at a point in her life where she looked in the mirror and didn’t recognize herself due to how much her body had changed in such a short period of time. For her, she no longer wanted to be intimate with her husband. Unfortunately,  she didn’t feel comfortable being a leader at work, she didn’t make any time in for herself, and she overall did not want to be noticed by anybody.

She decided to do a boudoir session for her Mother’s Day gift. After her session her life changed dramatically. I received a letter stating how the experience saved her marriage and improved all of her life.  She saw that she was beautiful even with her new body changes. Eventually, she decided that it’s time that she accepted them versus beat herself up for them.

Being confident in intimate situations with her husband no longer gave her anxiety but instead she knew that she was beautiful and her husband saw that as well. Her confidence also transferred to the workplace. She was okay being noticed, which made her more assertive and she received a promotion within four months after her session! 

A year after her session she had so much confidence and such a different outlook on life and herself that she even entered a local Mrs. Beauty pageant!

Plus Size Boudoir Photography by STephanie Stewart on The Curvy Fashionista

Have you ever done a boudoir photography session?

Did it transform your life the same way as it did for my clients? Let’s talk! I want to see and read your stories!

About Stephanie, and her Boudoir Photography services

Stephanie Stewart Photography is proudly located in New Mexico but always available for travel.  Specializing exclusively in Beauty and Boudoir Portraiture, we create a one-of- a-kind experience for all of our clients. With an all-female staff, we ensure a Luxurious, Custom and Private session to all of our clients, we believe that every woman is beautiful and deserves to see themselves that way! Please visit to learn more!

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  1. I’ve been wanting to do a boudoir photo shoot, but we all know a good, professional experience is not inexpensive so I need to save up. I have had friends who have had theirs done–the pictures came out beautifully and they tell me it is quite empowering and they feel so much better to be in their own skin. That they can appreciate themselves more for who they already are, not what they wish they could be.

  2. Two years ago I really jumped into non-professional modeling. The basic premise is that instead of working for an agency or money you trade your time for photos (digital or print). During that time I teamed up with Ed Devereaux from Portland, OR to do some promotional photos for his boudoir photo service. He and his wife provided such a great, professional environment that I felt instantly comfortable. I have never looked/felt sexier. I had wanted to give the photos to my boyfriend but chickened out and kept them for myself. They are the best photos!

  3. Most women walk around and say” I’m sexy” but have no idea what it means to be sexy. Sexy is a state of mind. It has less to do with a look and more to do with a feeling.

    Being sexy takes practice. It took me years to develop a sexy state of mind, and once I did the look followed behind. Sexy for me was the foundation of learning to love myself inside and out. Having that mentality allows me to be open and less “judgy”. All the women in this photo shoot are absolutely sexy and it shows from the inside out.

    • It is such a transformation and interesting realization, when doing these photos. I recently had the chance to do some photos and let me tell you… nervous was an understatement. BUT the feeling of sexy and how it radiates out of you? This is an amazing feeling!

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