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Looking to Shop By Your Shape? Fitbay May be All You Need

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I usually am not one for shopping apps or another social network, but when it comes to being plus size, seeing how an item TRULY fits, and getting a bit of inspiration, next to blogs, there is a new site on the scene- Fitbay. When they invited me to join, I was a bit apprehensive, but when I did, I was curious and intrigued!

Looking to Shop By Your Shape? Fitbay May be All You NeedYou see, Fitbay happens to be a solutions based site, giving you answers to all of those frustrating questions like “How does it fit” “what about the thighs or booty?” “What if I am short?” and gives you a visual answer to it all! With the help of ‘body doubles,’ once you join and enter in your details, Fitbay scans its database and shows you other users who have uploaded their looks, outfits, and pictures to show you how they rock their style!

In addition to seeing others who are shaped like you, Fitbay also shares with you what they are wearing and where to get it from! So, kind of like an all in one fit and fashion solution! I mean, with how many of the plus size retailers use size 10s and 12s, being a size 20 and visualizing an item’s fit on you? It can be a challenge! HOWever, if you were to see a similar item on someone whose shape is similar to yours? Then this may be where it is at for you!

Looking to Shop By Your Shape? Fitbay May be All You Need

I joined and dropped all of my deets and immediately (follow me over there @mariedenee) was given a nice handful of users to follow who were my body double. I was able to see how they rocked their looks and what designers and retailers were working for them! Then, because I am nosy, I started following a whole bunch of folks, because- inspiration. After doing so, I immediately started uploading a few of my pics and outfits!

Here is a cute little video:

Not only does Fitbay let you tag the designers and link to their site, but you can also “Discover”  other brands and places to shop (I think it is like a mini mall). I must say, I was actually impressed by the site, the users, the ease of use and the discovery options…

Best of all? It is free to join and use! Ha!


For those of you who have asked about shopping by your shape, this site may be a fun resource, tool, and inspiration place for you to step out of your box and have a little fun with fashion. Who knows what new styles and outfit inspirations you will come up with!


SO make sure you join, follow me over there, and get inspired!

What do you think? Sound cool? Can you see yourself on there?

Disclosure: I was invited to join Fitbay and give it a whirl. My thoughts and experiences on the site are my own! 

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