Getting Ready for The Lane Bryant Blogger Social Media Conference

I have been sitting on this for a while and I am soo excited to share the fabulous news! Perfectly poised, with the latest plus size news around Ashley Graham and the commercial that rocked the world, Lane Bryant is hosting a conference of plus size proportions!  Next week, several plus size fashion sites and bloggers, invited by Lane Bryant, will fashion all of us a trip to Ohio!

With an exclusive invite for an all-expense-paid day of fun with Lane Bryant, I eagerly accepted!  Especially as we get a chance to talk directly with the powers that be about their new brand vision!  Looking forward to a day of fashion and community at the inaugural Lane Bryant blogger conference at our Columbus headquarters, I am really geeked!

My day at Lane Bryant headquarters will include:

  • Round table discussions with Lane Bryant executives, VP of Marketing, and merchants
  • Merchant Q&A
  • Exclusive previews of Cacique, fall and holiday sportswear collections from the design team
  • A personalized fitting and complementary outfit (including intimates)
  • An individualized makeover and photo shoot in their professional studio

Who is coming?  The fabulous plus size fashion bloggers and sites chosen to attend are:

So why am I sharing?

I want to come to the conference, bringing your questions, thoughts, and feedback! While I have my own opinion, I want to hear yours!

What do you love, hate, or wish they did more or less of? Sound off!!!

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Written by Marie Denee

I am the Editor in Chic of The Curvy Fashionista. Often goofy. Forever emo. Always a Virgo. You can find me somewhere grooving to 90s R&B.

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  1. Ah! I’m jealous! I know you’ll represent well.
    A few things I would suggest:
    – Finer fabric choices for the price point
    – I’ve had many issues with construction of their pieces- falling hems, popped buttons, loose seams. Sizing can vary widely
    – More career-wear for the modern plus woman
    – Think about including higher band sizes for some of their prettier bras.
    – Cacique sports bra

  2. How fun you get to attend! Here’s my thoughts on Lane Bryant…I want to like them, I really do! But like @Emily, I have had issues with construction and issues with fit. Not to mention their prices are just too high in my opinion considering that some things are not constructed well and the fabric choices aren’t so great. Now I will say this in their defense, the ICON line is fantastic. Its modern and sleek, but again it goes back to the prices. Fashion, at any size, should be affordable and I don’t always feel like that is the case at LB.

    One last thing, ASOS is well…amazing. If LB took some cues from ASOS and started to turn out more modern staples (more basic colors- nudes, blacks, whites; cleaner lined shaped pieces) and edgier pieces (not just with the ICON line) at more affordable prices (or atleast with a more wide ranging price point) they would get a lot more of my business.

  3. SO jealous right now. Hope you have a great time. I love Lane Bryant, especially Cacique. My absolute favorite is the Bra6. I could go into detail the love affair I have with this bra, but it would take too long. I only wish they made it in more colors/nude tones. The nude they have is too fair for me and shows through light colored and white tops. Just saying. . .

  4. What a great opportunity! I’m sure that you will represent us all very well. Most of what I was thinking has already been said – better quality, better bra options in the larger sizes (that’s a BIG one, no pun intended) and suggesting that they take a page from ASOS – right on! I would also add that the sizing is inconsistent and they need to use fit models who reflect actual plus size bodies, rather than perfectly proportioned models. I very seldom buy anything except bras because a blouse (for example) never fits me all over. If it fits the bust, it’s too tight everywhere else, except the sleeves which always seem to be huge. And please step up the selection of accessories, particularly the belts.
    have a GREAT time!

  5. I agree with the above comments.

    I will shop Lane Bryant sometimes but it isn’t my first store to go to.

    I feel the fabric choices are not high quality. Too many of the sweaters are acrylic, this just doesn’t hold up over time.

    I have purchased some of their dress pants and the fabric starts to pill after wearing. I would like to see better quality fabric for those.

    I like the Icon brand but am unable to find that in my local stores.

    Maybe it’s just my local stores but the customer service there is not very strong. I can be in the store for 20 minutes and rarely am I ever acknowledged. This also makes my decisions on where I should spend my money.

  6. Hey MD,
    My biggest issue is that LB stopped shipping to Canada last fall. They said at the time it was due to the website changes and that they hoped to start up again soon. Here we are almost a year later and they still are not delivering to Canada. It’s not rocket science. Can you ask them what’s up with that and why they have deserted their Canadian customers for so long.

  7. I agree with all that’s been said before me. Definitely would love more bigger band bra choices. I know I can get a reliable boring bra, but something pretty would be nice.

    A few other notes:
    Customer service at stores–there is too much competition for them NOT to have great customer service. I recently received service so off-the-wall bad that I sent a complaint to their headquarters. I don’t need to go into a store with so many internet shopping options. If I’m treated badly, I’ll just avoid the experience altogether.

    Lengths–I’m 5ft4 and STILL lots of the Lane Bryant shirts fall short on me. I love me some long shirts and tunics. Also, short dresses, please!!! My go-to dress right now is a shirt-dress from LB (polka dots) that hits at the knee and I love it. But so many of the dresses are to the ankle. Some variety would rock.

    My 2 cents 🙂

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