JMS taps into the blogosphere with the Just my Size Style Symposium

Just My Size is looking to hear what the community wants and to figure this out, they are bringing out quite a few bloggers for their JMS Style Symposium

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I love the time we are in right now for plus size fashion. Designers are experimenting, retailers are making concessions, and the consumers are demanding more options. What does this mean? We are at a place where there is healthy competition in plus size fashion and style at various prices!

Why am I sharing?

Well, we have been invited to NY to participate in the JMS Style Symposium!

Just My Size


Why? Why JMS?

Well, any way that I have the chance to share with brands, retailers, designers, and others what WE want, NEED, DESIRE in fashion, it is ALL GOOD! I love to mix my high fashion with low prices any day! But for sake of community, any way we can make progress, it is bound to have a trickle down and up effect!

Just My Size recognizes that “plus size fashion and its influencers are leaders in the mainstream voice, speaking openly and proudly about the challenges, concerns, and successes of the plus size woman and women in general”- how’s that for all the progress made!

Well, joining me in this JMS Style Symposium are plus size fashion bloggers from across the globe:

  • Fab Finds Under 50
  • Madison Plus
  • Plus Size Mommy
  • ME! The Curvy Fashionista
  • Plus Model Magazine
  • Full Figure Plus
  • Daily Venus Divas
  • Fat Chic
  • (Plus Size Fashion)
  • The Budget Fashionista

We all share different points of views, but all with love for plus size fashion and the community! We will have a roundtable discussion with JMS executives, the topics for discussion include:

  • The Impact of plus size fashion in the fashion world
  • Plus size women designing clothes for the plus size woman
  • Fashion forward and fashion affordable
  • The role of social media in plus size fashion

In addition to this roundtable, we will have the opportunity to watch the JMS Fashion Show! Do you remember the one from last spring?

With all I shared, I need a favor!

I need for you to tell me your biggest frustrations for shopping for plus size fashion! I would love to bring YOUR feedback to the JMS Style Symposium. What is your wish list? What are you looking for in fashion that has not been made available to you?

Please share changes within fashion that you would LOVE to see made for you and all your fabulous and fashionable curves!

You can learn more about the brand at!


***Disclosure: In compliance with FTC guidelines, JMS is paying for my trip to New York, my lodging and my flight. I will use this opportunity to bring as much information from YOU to those at JMS!***

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Written by Marie Denee

I am the Editor in Chic of The Curvy Fashionista. Often goofy. Forever emo. Always a Virgo. You can find me somewhere grooving to 90s R&B.

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  1. this is wonderful and important news! many congrats! you and your work is such a pivotal part of this postive movement, I really appreciate you. love, Anika

  2. OK, when I think of JMS I think of:
    *Granny panties
    *Functional (i.e. ugly, but supportive) bras
    *Oversized, boxy t-shirts

    They may have an image problem.

  3. This trip will be so much fun for you!!!! I think it is hard to find fashionable accessories like belts and jewelry that fits are wrists. I would also like trendier clothing and better basics. I mean basics that flatter and don’t look frumpy.

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