Up Close and Personal with contemporary label T-Bags Los Angeles

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I love featuring contemporary plus size labels- especially those that fly under the radar when no one is looking! Such is the case of T-bags Los Angeles- a local plus size label that over the past few years has extended their contemporary collection into plus sizes.

“We create clothes that we wish we had hanging in our closets… it’s not about trend or the look of the season, it’s about creating what we think is missing.”

T-Bags Los Angeles in Plus Size

A line that fuses a playful interpretation of retro and rock-star glamour to a unique blend of playful sophistication, T-Bags Los Angeles delivers distinctive pieces grounded in a sense of ingenuity and authenticity- in both straight and plus sizes!

T-Bags Los Angeles in Plus Size

We recently had the chance to chat up half of the design duo behind the collection and she is too cute!


Introducing T-Bags Los Angeles, an Interview with the founders:

Hello Shadi! How are you doing today?

T-Bags Los Angeles: Great, thank you!!

So, I always love to know, what are you wearing today?

TBLA: Anything really… we love to mix… vintage, designer, basics with no brand name and definitely t-bags!

As fashion designers, do you always rock your own designs?

We definitely do, because we design for ourselves.

It gets overwhelming … because we love to wear what we are designing at the time we are designing…

But by the time we go into production with that season, we have already designed two more collections and want to wear that!

T-Bags Los Angeles in Plus Size Do you remember the first time you fell in love with fashion?

From the first day the princess fairy tales taught us what  a ‘glass slipper’ was!

Many do not know that T-Bags started off as a handbag line, what brought you over to design clothes?

When we started off as a handbag line, we were cutting/sewing the vintage fabric and suede handbags ourselves.  

We realized we didn’t want to solely be a handbag line and began punching the line with different ideas.  It started out with novelty embellished tanks, and slowly transitioned into clothing. Yet, we will always come back to our roots and introduce unique accessories.

Where do you draw inspiration for your collections? T-Bags Los Angeles in Plus Size

The streets, movies, art.

Who is the T-Bags woman?

A chic woman who loves style, comfort, versatility, and isn’t afraid of being a bit sexy 🙂

A few years ago, and happily so, T-Bags became available in plus sizes, what led you to this market?

Some of the fabrics we offer have stretch and we find our cuts to be very flattering in all the right areas.  

When we were pregnant ourselves, we lived in t-bags and noticed our plus size friends were living in it too because there really isn’t anything in the market that is ‘fashionable’ for that market.

T-Bags Los Angeles in Plus Size What have you found the contemporary plus size shopper is missing?

Fashionable clothing that is comfortable and flattering at the same time!

If you two were not designing, where would you be?

hmmm… never thought of that.

What is next on the horizon for T-Bags!

Stay tuned!

Oh! I most definitely will be staying tuned, as should you! You can find the latest T-Bags Los Angeles collections at Saks Fifth Avenue and Bloomingdales!

All looks are found at Saks Fifth Avenue

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