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First Look: Target’s New Plus Size Line- AVA & VIV: The Look Book

[tps_header]Earlier this week, news erupted with excitement, curiosity and pessimism around the news of the new plus size collection emerging from Target. I am quite curious, as from the main photo, I already found a few items that I was digging from the now highly anticipated Ava & VIV collection. Well, excitedly I am excited to share with you the full look book- are you ready?

Before you look, what are you expecting? I know I want a few new fun everyday pieces, a few hey girl hey options, and even more updated basics. I am not expecting high end designer fashion- BUT I am looking for very fashion forward and playful ones! Right?!?! Right.

A few of you already had your mind made up that you were not fans from what you saw (I am still perplexed by this one) but hey, not every designer or retailer is or will be your cup of tea, and this is completely fine! HOWEVER, I am hyped about having a new section in store to go and shop from, because now, I just mosey on by the plus department… it is quite bland.

Okay- you ready? Modeled by the fashionable GabiFresh, Nicolette Mason, and Garnerstyle take a peek to see what we can expect online at Feb 22nd and in ALL stores mid-February! (Somehow a few of you read that it was online only? NO. In store as well!) Woot!

Just click the first pic to check it out via my new fancy gallery…

Target’s New Plus Size Line- AVA & VIV: The Look Book [/tps_header]


Target's New Plus Size Label AVA & VIV Spring Look Book

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Written by Marie Denee

I am the Editor in Chic of The Curvy Fashionista. Often goofy. Forever emo. Always a Virgo. You can find me somewhere grooving to 90s R&B.

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  1. I’m actually glad to see other negative comments… I don’t find this appealing, at all. In fact, I liked some of the Pure Energy things much more. Target has some really cool stuff, this still feels boring and outdated. </3 But thanks for the effort! I just think bloggers are being really excited about it, and I'm not sure what everyone is excited about?

    • Hi L,
      Your comment is interesting.
      You are looking for it to fail? I will ask you too, what were you expecting? Because I know that I was NOT expecting groundbreaking, but def a place I can get my basics and classics from…
      Boring and outdated? Maybe to the on e living life on the edge, but if this is you, then this was never goign to be a collection that rocks out for you, but there ar ewomen who it will satisfy.

      For me, I am hyped as having another place in store to shop, I celebrate THAT.

  2. We cant expect Target out the gate to come back with couture. I like the basic pieces to add into what to wear to the market or running errands looks. Those flowered pants I like for beach days to wear over my bathing suit after a dip.

  3. I’m a fan! I think there are some good basic pieces that can be amped up with other things you already own, accessories, etc. In reading the feedback from Gabi, Chastity and Nicolette I know they gave feedback for the fall line so I am excited to see what that line will look like. I am anxious to try things on from a fit perspective because it saying the word Plus doesn’t always means its fits/looks/feels that way when on.

  4. So I am not discarding the line entirely, as it is the first just coming out of the gate. I will obviously give it all a chance but looking at these photos, I am worried about the all around fit because it doesn’t appear to me that the fit is even on point for the bloggers who are modeling the looks. I like the black and white pieces (the skirt and the maxi) but the rest of the items aren’t my style and that’s ok. They don’t have to be my style as long as they are an option for someone and not tucked away on one rack in the back of the store! I see both sides of this fashion coin. Hoping to see more options in the future.

  5. I have to have those white tuxedo pants Gabi is wearing. And the striped chevron dresses on both Nicolette and Chastity. I really dig those pieces and the fact that they won’t cost a fortune gives me a thrill. There are reportedly 90 pieces in this line. I find it absolutely impossible to take seriously *anyone* who has already written it off. These three women in the look book are some of the most fashionable thicksnacks I know and ain’t no way they’d endorse anything wack.

  6. They didn’t knock it out of the park but overall I’m happy about it. I love the chambray pieces and the denim. And if those blouses aren’t all 100% polyester (I HATE POLYESTER, in hot & humid south Texas it’s nothing but sticky and miserable) I will be thrilled! I’m really confused at all the people saying this is too basic- to me, Target’s regular collection is very basic aside from the designer collabs. Their fashion niche is comparable to Old Navy- cute, casual, affordable basics with a few workwear pieces to round things out.

  7. Do you happen to know that sizes they will go up to for the new line? I’m hopping they sale up to 4X & 5X shirts and 22-26 size jeans. Cause their plus size sizes now go up to a 3X straight.

  8. I read some comments above and think the comparison to existing Target style/old navy style is on point. I’m no fashionista by any stretch, but there wasn’t a “wow! That’s the prettiest thing i ever saw!!”moment. But, do I ever go in Target and think that? It’s just a few nice pieces which are cute and affordable and that a simple lady can wear every day. I’ll keep it real; I look at Eloquii for fun. Some items are gorgeous and I love seeing plus women wearing whatever. But me buying the sparkly gold sheath dress is unlikely and having Target sell that may not be practical. I do think the Target items could use a little more zip, not sure if in color or maybe graphic design? But if they have new items every month, there’s more to come.

  9. Not sure why all of the negative comments. I like the collection & plan to buy several Pieces. I appreciate more retailers recognizing the fact that ” real” need more options!

  10. I like so far what I see some of the basic items, I love the strip maxi dress. I will visit my target as soon as they become available in my store, to see the clothing up close and personal. Thanks Marie for the heads up.


  11. My faves that I will be adding to my lists are the floral palazzo pants; which i love, and the black jumpsuit. I just hope the color for the palazzo pants looks as rich in person as they do in this look book.

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