Charles Chang Lima- Straight High End Designer goes PLUS!

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Okay, so I read this a while ago on If you are that discerning Curvy.Confident. Chic. plus-size woman, then I know you will enjoy this!
Designer Charles Chang-Lima rocked the fashion world when he announced that he would launch a line in February 2008 for voluptuous women. Fashion insiders told him, “Put in an elastic waistband, cut a hole for the neck and two for the arms, and you’re done,” says Chang-Lima, whose stylish new collection, Monik Charles Chang-Lima, is for sizes 12 to 20. “The full-figured woman wants to look as sweet, sexy, and fun as anyone else.”
What motivated Chang-Lima to reach out to curvier women? One word: demand.My larger friends are always yelling at me for not making clothes they can wear,” he says. Chang-Lima knows the needs of his new customers.
“When I was young, I was short and fat,” he says. And he’s offended when “plus size” shoppers are tossed an unflattering suit or a pair of elastic-waist pants. “You must respect the people you design for,” he says.

With friends like Chang-Lima in high fashion, we women will finally get the style we deserve. Now, if we can only get him to deliver options up through at least a 24? Is that too much to ask? Who knows…

I am curious if more designers will dip their toe into plus size fashion. The audience is there, the desire is there, the need is there… what is stopping them from engaging us? If he is doing this, how many other mainstream designers will follow suit? Only time will tell, right? Right.

But in the meantime, so you see anything from Charles Chang Lima’s collection that speaks to you? I know that I am curious! LOL
Let’s talk about it and while we are here, let me know what other designers that you want to sese doing plus size fashion. I mean, a girl can dream… right?

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