Wide Calf Boots for the Fall and Who Caters to Us All

Ladies, Fall is right around the corner and that means boots are as well! Sometimes it can be daunting, frustrating, confusing, and disappointing when trying to find the fiercest boots for our calves and wide feet! But I have donned some favorites that I want you to enjoy!

Whether it is the over the knee trend, the ankle platform heel, or the edgy biker chick, I have found some jewels that are sure to take your breath away! Please read on to see my favorite spots for Fall boots!

3 of Our Favorite Wide Calf Boot Shops

DUO boots

30 styles, 21 calf fittings
Duo Boots is known for its astounding array of of 21 calf sizes, and five widths available, this gem from across the pond is mindblowing! With a fit so perfect you’ll never want to take them off.

Every Fall, I land on Sofft Shoes website to see the newest and fiercest comfortable boot for Fall! This season is no different as they deliver footwear that is both comfortable and stylish (a rarity!).

A no brainer when it comes to comfort, over the years, Aerosoles has gotten cleaner, sharper, and edgier with its design, without sacrificing comfort! Aerosoles has developed high quality, comfortable and fashion-right shoes at affordable prices- that do not hurt your pocketbook!

Nine West
No stranger to trends, fashion, and function, Nine West delivers edgy fashionable frocks every season. What is fabulous about this brand is its amazing selection of wide widths! To combine fashion with fit for the wide footed Fashionista, Nine West has it covered!

While there are more than the brands listed above, these were just some of my favorites! What do you think and do you have a favorite?

If you are looking for, more boot options, make sure you check out our Mega Wide Calf boot roundup

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Written by Marie Denee

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  1. When I ordered from Duo, I was SO disappointed at how inconsistent their sizing was… sad. One day I WILL find boots to fit my calves…

  2. OOh, thanks for this post! I love Sofft shoes in general, but haven't heard of Duo… this fall/winter I'm just saying screw it to my big calves- I will find boots that fit. Tired of always "waiting till next year"

  3. I LOVE Sofft shoes! I don't have wide feet and calves, but I do wear size 12s. Their shoes are always a perfect fit and SO worth the $$. I order from Zappos and always get them the next day. For wide calves, has some cute, less expensive boots. I live for their accessories and dresses.

  4. Thanks for the post,love boots and been wearing them since I was a kid. As I got older and bigger, I have been finding it difficult to find boots that are wider around the calf. Now that I know there is a few brands that have wider calf sizes can't wait to get my hands a great pair of boots for fall. I really like the Sofft flat suede boot with folder over leather. Now just hope they are with in my budget!

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