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Around ATL: Wells Fargo Live My Untold Stories at Negril Village

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Over the past two months, I had been invited by Wells Fargo to reflect upon their “The Untold Stories Collection” and share a few of My Untold Stories. I shared my Entrepreneurial Journey and My Grandmother’s Influence with you – two very important ones that have allowed me to open up, reflect, and let you in on what has shaped me to be the woman who I am. Stories that I am quite proud of and grateful for!

Around ATL Wells Fargo Live My Untold Stories at Negril Village

Around ATL Wells Fargo Live My Untold Stories at Negril Village Concluding this series, I, along with a handful of my blogging buddies, were invited to their live event, in Atlanta at Negril Village! (sidenote: the food was delish! I got the steak, but pined for the jerk chicken! I mayyyyy have stolen a few bites from The ATL Go To Girl) Before the event began, we mingled and caught up on life and sipped the nicest of libations… but this is NOT where the fun was had.

Around ATL Wells Fargo Live My Untold Stories at Negril Village In the most intimate of settings, and amazingly hosted by Joyce of Mommy Talk Show, we were posed with a few real life questions and asked to share, respond, and reflect upon our experiences, with specific questions- allowing us to tell more of our stories and where we came from.

There were laughs, tears, and very real situations that allowed us to be OPEN and to share our truths. I honestly didn’t know what to expect, but what transpired moved me. To be in a room of my peers whose stories built them up, lifted, motivated, challenged, and fueled them to be who they are now? I left feeling full- not because of the delicious food, but because of the honesty, rawness, and openness this space provided.

When you have a chance to listen to another’s story, to understand how they persevered and what life has blessed and/or challenged them with, it is a humbling experience- one I advise that each of you take the time out to do!Around ATL Wells Fargo Live My Untold Stories at Negril Village

I have never been involved in a project that hit on sooo many personal levels but that also afforded me the chance to be inspired by them to share my own. I am truly grateful! If you have the chance, I invite you to watch a few videos from “The Untold Stories Collection” and to also talk to your elders, friends, and loved ones about their untold stories! I am so sure your life will be touched as mine has been with this project!

What is YOUR #MyUntold Story? I want to hear!Around ATL Wells Fargo Live My Untold Stories at Negril Village

Please join us on March 19th for a Google Hangout to talk about untold stories and what it means to be African American today. It is going to be a great conversation.

This is a sponsored post, but my stories, gratefulness, and excitement are all my own. For more information about this initiative from Wells Fargo, check out the entire Untold Stories Collection.

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