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A Night at the Academy Awards: What the Plus Size Oscar Nominees Wore

A Night at the Academy Awards: What the Plus Size Oscar Nominees Wore

Plus Size Fashion on the Red Carpet at the 2012 Academy Awards

Sunday, if you were glued to your television as I was, then you were watching the red carpet fashion, with the highs and lows, the dresses straight from the runway and the ones that should have stayed there!

A while back, I shared some of my choices for Oscar Worthy Dresses for the plus size woman to rock for this monumental night for actors and actresses, and today we have what they DID where and YOU get to weigh in! You already shared and voted on the SAG Awards, in which Octavia Spencer took home the best look, but today I want to know what you thought of the looks from last night!

Love it or hate it, share your thoughts on tonight’s choices on our Curvy Fashionistas nominated tonight for the Oscar!

What the 2012 Plus Size Oscar Nominees Wore

Octavia Spencer

Academy Award Winner Octavia Spencer on the Red Carpet

The Help’s Academy Award Winner for Best Supporting Actress, Octavia Spencer, (whom I had the honor of meeting at the Essence Black Women in Hollywood event) chose to stay loyal to the ever so fabulous Tadashi Shoji, and could you blame her? He knows her curves sooo well!

Melissa McCarthy

Academy Award Nominee Melissa McCarthy on the Red Carpet

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Nominated for her work in Bridesmaids, Melissa McCarthy is wearing custom Marina Rinaldi and Brian Atwood clutch and shoes! With her formal education in fashion, Melissa chose to co-design this dress with Marina Rinaldi and her stylist Cameron Silver. I love that she stepped out of the box with color, but I am not the biggest fan of this dress… What say you?

Who was YOUR best Dressed Pick for the 2012 Academy Awards?

And a Must Share Note:

Kathryn Finney brought up a keen point while live tweeting the Red Carpet Arrivals: “Where are the Plus Size Stylists?” I miss Susan Moses. But stylists that come to mind who could at least turn a few heads are Reah Norman, Steffany Bready, Brandon Blue, Tai Chunn just to name a few of the plus size stylists out there… just a few…

And some may argue that a plus size stylist may not be necessary- but here is why I find it to be imperative. Plus size fashion stylists styling these plus size celebrities bring knowledge of the newest designers and the body to shut the red carpet down. As one of the friends on FB shared on my page: “Is Tadashi Shoji the only one to design for plus size women?” No love, he is not. BUT, Mr. Shoji knows how to cut a mean dress for the curves though…

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  • What happened to Susan Moses? Is she no longer styling? I think Melissa’s wardrobe choices all season have been atrocious. Octavia looked wonderful – the only thing that would’ve made me love it more was if it were a color . . . but it was a beautiful gown. Sherri Shephard also looked nice in her blue . . . and although she’s not full-figured, I have to give a massive shout-out to Viola Davis for rocking her natural hair on the red carpet!

  • Melissa’s dress was not flattering at all…it made her look frumpy.  She needed something that was a bit more form fitting.  That dress just didn’t work for her body type.

  • I’m going to assume Melissa, is not a fan of showing her arms.  Everything she wears has sleeves. I think this dress would be wonderful on her iff it was a halter with the band of jewels topping it off. Now that would have been priceless.

    • Yes! I do wish she smile more, but I am thinking she could have easily been overwhelmed with emotion- trying to keep it under control… or that is what I would love to believe! LOL 

  • There was a stylist sitting up with Kelly & Guilianna that made a few good points about Melissa’s dress that I agreed with. She said she needed more structure  & different material. I agree. I’ve only like 1 o2 dress that Melissa has worn this entire awards season. I think she is self conscious of her arms, but the way she covers them is unflattering. I also think her fashion design background may be one of the reasons why she may not feel she needs to use a stylist (if she isn’t using one).  Tadashi Shoji & David Meister have both proven they can and will design for plus sized gals. I wish Melissa would surrender to them.

    • You raise an interesting point, but this go round, Melissa did work with a stylist and a design team! She co designed and would love to know how that go round went down! You can tell there is some restraint to the design.. and I wonder if this was Marina Rinaldi holding back… 

  • I love the color on Melissa’s dress. I think the draggy hem added to the overall ’round’ look of the dress. The shine at the waistline and neckline really brought some bang to the look, but her boobs look like they are in a couple of baggies. I probably wouldn’t have put the V with the halter neck, just leave the front as a whole piece. The sleeves do look like an afterthought. I know a lot of plus sized women don’t want to show their arms. I know I don’t. My flabby upper arms remind me of Mammy on Gone with the Wind. But the dress doesn’t make her look bad in my opinion. To me, it looks like a beautiful woman in an underwhelming dress. Her hair and makeup are fabulous, and she looks like she’s having a great time. And I think all Oscar gowns should have pockets. 😉
    Octavia’s dress is gorgeous. It’s bright and a perfect fit. It gives her such a great silhouette. I do wish she’d smile, seems like she’s afraid of showing her teeth. But perhaps it is just emotion. It just drapes so perfectly on her. Two thumbs up!

  • I think they both looked fantastic but I liked Octavia’s dress choice better… the beadwork in the center, then sort of bursting out? Fantastic, Fabulous, AND Flattering!

    • !!! Maegan! !!! Thanks for stopping by! !!!! This is the best I think I have seen Octavia look and I wish that the press would STOP giving her a hard time about her shape and size! 

  • I was wondering, too, if Tadashi Shoji is the only designer in Hollywood for plus size actresses.  Perhaps he is the only designer who has a budget to market his red carpet designs to Hollywood?  That being said, I loved Octavia’s gown.  I really have not cared for any of Melissa McCarthy’s choices this award season.  As a plus size designer, I just want to say that I will create a custom gown for the red carpet.  Please contact me at @skwilbur.

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