My 5 Plus Size Cold Weather Must Haves

My 5 Plus Size Cold Weather Must Haves

So, I am freezing. As temperatures drop across much of the United States, it is time to start bundling up (if you haven’t already).  Wait.  Ya’ll, MY CAR has ice on it in the am!!! Can you believe that? I am still adjusting. Remembering that I cannot just dash out in the am, I actually have to warm … [Read more...]

7 Pair of Wide Calf Boots Under $100

Wide Calf Boots for Fall

I have noticed that quite a few of you are already on the prowl for a good pair of wide calf boots for the fall and I completely get you and UNDERSTAND! DO I! Now that I am here in the South, I can prance around in fall boots for a good ol time- not having to wait until late November to rock them! … [Read more...]

Gotta Have It: These Faux Croc Over The Knee Wide Calf Boots at Evans

Faux Croc Over The Knee Wide Calf Boots at Evans

I know, you have been on a hunt for wide calf boots and from the response from the 9 Wide Calf Boots and where to shop for them, I knew I had to share with you the new cool ones I come across… So for today’s Gotta Have It?? Well, it comes from EVANS. These Faux Croc Over the Knee Wide Calf Boots. … [Read more...]

9 Place to Shop for Wide Calf Boots

9 places to shop for wide calf boots

Life as a plus size woman with wide calves can be tricky, especially when it comes to shopping for Wide Calf Boots. All that you know is that you have wide calves and boots tend not to fit. Well, no worries! Hopefully this little guide will help you out! What I have done is round up a few places … [Read more...]

Wide Calf Boots: Fall into Fashion with Duo Over the Knee Boots

Wide Calf Over the Knee Boots from Duo Boots

While I am still compiling my Wide Calf boot roundup, I wanted to share with you the latest trend in boots for the fall. Over the knee boots. Finding them for the wide calf fashion forward woman (YOU), can be a task, especially if you crave the best in leather, construction, and MOST importantly, … [Read more...]

11 Wide Calf and Wide Width Boot Options for Staying Dry during April Showers

AIGLE Start XXL Rainboots

In our last post on 'Staying Dry' we featured a series of coats, umbrellas and scarves. There's a trick to being in the rain - staying at dry as possible while still looking amazing.   Much of that is gear-intensive. I'm a fan what's fashionable and easy.  Commuting and running around for various … [Read more...]

Boot Up: The Lia Boot Lia Boot

  Okay, so rather than doing another guide of sorts (I did one here) I thought for fall, I would feature different wide calf and wide width boots that I love and like and have! Especially as it is sooo challenging to find BOTH wide width AND Wide Calf boots! As we “officially” head into … [Read more...]

So You Want Wide Calf Boots? Shopping Tips and Where to Shop

Wide Calf Boots: Duo boots Beech

Yes, it is still over 80 Degrees outside (at least in California) but my mind is already starting to shift into Fall mode. And Fall, for me, amongst many things= Boots. Over the Knee Boots especially. In my browsing of the internets for over the knee boots in wide calf options, I happened … [Read more...]

April Showers Bring May Flowers: Plus Size Trenches and Wide Calf Friendly Roundup

Simply Be Plus Size PU Trim Trench

With Spring officially here, so shall come the rain! Maybe more for some than others, but what a better time to round up a few items to keep you fashionable in the Spring? You know, those trench coats and rain boots and fun umbrellas to keep us dry, yet fashionable? One of the things I have noticed … [Read more...]

OOTD and Review: These Simply Be Boots were made for walking

The Curvy Fashionista reviews Simply Be Boots

I LOVE My Simply Be BOOTS. Fall is my favorite season and with many fashionable reasons that it should be.  One of those reasons- a major one, is my love for BOOTS. I have featured my thigh high boots for plus size women, my over the knee boots, wide width boot features, and today, I bring you … [Read more...]