6 Petite Plus Size Work Options for Spring

6 Petite Plus Work Options for Spring

Spring has officially sprung!   If you’re anything like me, the warm weather and sunshine makes you happy, but then you’re faced with questions about what to wear to work.  Air-conditioned offices often have us reaching for sweaters and jackets, but increasingly warm weather outside makes us crave … [Read more...]

New Video: Five Essential Pieces for Your Closet

New Video: Five Essential Pieces for Your Closet

As we get ready for a new season, I wanted to chat with you about my latest video and something that is key to building your closet- so that you always have something to wear. You know what I mean! But in order to have a kick ass closet, it is important to build your wardrobe on a few great … [Read more...]

Gotta Have It: Monif C Plus Sizes Lexa High Shoulder Dress

Monif C Plus Size Lexa High Shoulder Dress

While I just reviewed and shared my outfit post of my Dominique dress from Monif C, I was over on the site checking out other dresses that would be great additions to the closet for my professional needs. I found QUITE a few too. But one that I really was intrigued by was this Lexa Dress from Monif … [Read more...]

Style Q&A: Stylishly 50, Plus Size, and What to Wear to Work

Style Q and A- 50 Plus Size and What to Wear to Work

 Plus Size Wear to Work Options Hello Marie, I just started following your blog and I saw you on Ricki Lake. I absolutely love your fashion sense and body acceptance philosophy. Plus you are gorgeous!. In your video you indicated that you might welcome topic suggestions. As a plus size … [Read more...]

A Tailored Approach to Plus Size Fashion: Introducing Dea London

A Tailored Approach to Plus Size Fashion: Introducing Dea London

Sleek, modern, and sophisticated. Sometimes you just want a tailored dress that shows the world you are boss. Poised, polished, and professional is your mantra and you wouldn’t have it any other way. You know that for this tailoring and attention to detail oft eludes us, but not anymore. And there … [Read more...]

Guest Post: Plus Size, Over 40, and Personal Style- Tips and Real Talk

Plus Size Tips for those over 40

Marie's Note: A few of you ladies on the better side of 40 have asked me about finding places to shop and tips specifically for you! So what I have done is reached out to a friend, Kristin from Fashion.Style.Beauty. who knows about being on the better side of 40, Fashion, and being a curvy woman! … [Read more...]

Wear to Work Chic- The Monroe Suit by Igigi

Igigi Monroe Plus Size Suit

This is a Gotta Have It with a mini review attached to it! You see, I got this suit and have been DYING to wear it! This heat wave though has prevented me to do so without taunting me with heat flashes… BUT that will not stop me from sharing this with you! One thing about Igigi that I dig is … [Read more...]

First Look: H&M Plus Fall 2012 Campaign

H&M Plus Fall 2012 Campaign featuring Tara Lynn

A while back, I shared with you that H&M launched plus sizes and I even went inside to gauge the collection. Well, for Fall 2012, they have a new collection that I had to check out, thanks to Alissa and Ivory’s conversation on Twitter yesterday! LOL Anywho, with Tara Lynn as the face of the … [Read more...]