5 MORE Pieces of Plus Size Fashion Advice You Should Forget

Plus Size Fashion Advice to Forget

Fashion Tips and Advice: We all seek it out.  Nothing wrong with that. If you have been reading The Curvy Fashionista, then you will know that we are always asking for your advice and feedback about our posts and your thoughts on what we have shared.  Reassurance come in all types of interesting … [Read more...]

A New Way To Shop and Swap- SWAPDOM

A New Way To Shop and Swap

Hassle Free Swapping? Say it aint so? Well, thanks to the new site Swapdom, you can now swap items you want without the negotiations, haggling, or fuss! I mean think about it. How many times have we wanted to clear out or purge a few items from our closet but would die to replace it with … [Read more...]

Style Q&A: UK to US Plus Size Conversion Sizing

Dorothy Perkins Aqua Peplum Dress

 US Plus Size Conversion Hi Miss Marie, how are you? I have a fashion question. UK sizes run small yes? I found the most amazing dress that will rock my whole body and I wear a 22. It’s in a 22 but it’s Dorothy Perkins? I should lean on not buying it yes? This is the dress. Do you know where … [Read more...]