Xs & Os for Your Fingers: 10 Really Cute Valentine’s Day Nail Designs!

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Valentine’s Day is a few short days away. It’s a day dedicated to love and we are sure a good many of you are presently smack dab in the midst of preparations for your day. A dress that hits your curves in all the right places. Hair reaching the upper echelons of fleek-dom. Your face glowing and gorgeous. The perfume that makes bae weak at the knees? It’s getting all over your body. Your Valentine isn’t even CLOSE TO READY for all this jelly! But… what about your nails?

Sure, you can go the tried and true route of a simple red. Or you may opt to think pink instead. If these choices leave you feeling uninspired, and you want to do something different this year, we’ve got you! We searched Instagram for nail inspiration that will surely be the icing on Cupid’s cupcake!

10 Valentine’s Day Nail Designs

For The Valentine Vixen With a Magnetic Personality…


A photo posted by Hannah ? (@hannah_nails_it) on

I love this revamped version of Valentine’s Day red. The white and silver (not to mention the adorable magnet and flirty words) are the PERFECT way to show off your playful, but seductive spirit!

For The Valentine Vixen Who Is Bright & Bubby…

Perhaps it’s because I could use several glasses, but these nails remind me of a sweet glass of pink moscato! The shimmery pink combined with the black and white create a clean but whimsical look that I adore!

For The Valentine Vixen Who Lives to Turn Heads…

This look is NOT for the faint of heart. But between the glossy black, the heart decals and the bling… It’s definitely a great way to get some instant va va va voom!

For The Valentine Vixen Who Binge Watches Steven Universe

Every time I look at these nails, I hear “We… Are the Crystal Gems…” in my mind and that’s EXACTLY why I love them. The soft ballerina pink polish, the gorgeous crystals and the coffin shape is a chocolate-and-peanut butter caliber pairing I didn’t know I needed in my life!

For The Valentine Vixen Who Digs Mickey…

If you are the type who fell in love with the cutest little guy in the Disney Kingdom, then this design is sure to pay homage to your forever boo in the bow tie. I love the mix of sweetness and fierceness in this design.

For The Valentine Vixen Whose Heart Beats for Romance…

Do you still feel your heart leap when you see your beloved? With one touch, does your pulse do the running man? Then these nails are for you! Combining passionate pink and purple hues, the heart beat ties the look together flawlessly!

For The Valentine Vixen Who Likes It Classic with a Twist…


A photo posted by Samantha (@samanthadolly) on

Sometimes simple is the best way to go. Simple with a little somethin-somethin extra? Even better! Bubblegum pink nails with a dainty red heart in the middle? Cute and classy!!!

For The Valentine Vixen From a Galaxy Far, Far Away…


A photo posted by NailsbyAreli (@nailsbyarelii) on

Is your Valentine out of this world? Is your love as big as Jabba the Hut? These nail designs remind me of the Valentine’s Day cards I’d give out to my classmates back in the day. It’s glam AND geeky, and I’m pretty much here for them!

For The Valentine Vixen Inspired By The New Edition Story


A photo posted by Jessica Crease (@jcrease) on

For all the candy girls out there, you know you smiled as soon as you saw these nails. Candy hearts are one of the BEST things about V-Day, so why not let your nails express the sweetness of love?

For The Valentine Vixen Who Is OVER It…


A photo posted by Deb Cham (@element18nailstudio) on

Not everyone is here for the hearts and flowers. If your playlist for the next few days contains music from Mary J. Blige, Sade, and 75% of Lemonade, then you’re probably tired of people asking you what your plans are. What better way to let them know then by lifting a carefully-selected finger in their general direction, showing off your manicure at the same time?

Whether you are in a relationship, or you are repping #TeamSingle like I am, Valentine’s Day is a day of love. However, it doesn’t have to be limited to romantic love. It can be a day to express self-love by doing something special for yourself… Like treating yourself to a manicure! Everyone should feel special and loved, and sometimes it’s up to us to do it ourselves! Trust me, you deserve it!

Which of these looks are your favorite? Let us know in the comments how you like to rock your nails for Valentine’s Day!!!

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