NEWS: Target’s New Plus Size Line! AVA & VIV in ALL Stores

You know, it is an interesting time at Target for plus size women. First they pull out all plus sizes without really telling us what is going on. Then, through much press attention with #BoycottTarget, they add plus sizes in its latest designer collaboration- only to include us ONLINE (I know). But today’s news has my curiosity positively piqued with Target’s New Plus Size Line- AVA & VIV.

Target Launches New Plus Size Line- AVA & VIV in ALL Stores

For its launch, they have tapped plus size personal style bloggers Gabifresh, Nicolette Mason, and Garnerstyle to be the featured models in the new label’s look book! Designed specifically for the Plus-size woman who loves fashion and appreciates a good value, AVA & VIV is designed by Target’s in-house design team. Similar to Target’s other apparel lines, AVA & VIV will be updated monthly, and with prices ranging from $10 to $79.99.

Even better? It will be in all stores.

(This makes me wonder. Was this the plan the whole time, but they thought we would not pay attention before? Like, getting rid of Pure Energy to bring the design in house- great, because I love me some of those Merona skinny pants. However the execution or the rollout was taking a bit too long. HOWEVER I am geeked for more in-store options. Period.)

“Target is synonymous with great design, and with the launch of AVA & VIV, we’re stepping up our fashion game for our Plus-size guests,” said Stacia Andersen, senior vice president, merchandising, apparel and accessories, Target. “From stylish original prints to the attention to detail and fit, this line is meant to impress and we can’t wait to share it with our guests.”

Gabi, Nicolette and Chastity not only shot the look book, but they also weighed in on the on designs that were in progress for the fall (which I am here for).  Check out the video that they made!

 Target Launches New Plus Size Line- AVA & VIV in ALL Stores

AVA & VIV will arrive in all Target stores in mid-February through March. The line will be available on on Feb. 22! Trust, you will get the deets here as they roll out!

I am all the way here for plus size bloggers affecting change and impacting how business is done! Way to go ladies and I am very curious about this collection!

What do we think of this? A whole new plus size selection and section in all stores?  Sign me up? Woot? Better late than never? Or too late? Let us know in the comments below!

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Written by Marie Denee

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  1. Now THIS is what I’m talking about!!!! We should really support this endeavor and show them the power of our dollar – I’m up for organizing “shopping parties” all over the place to show Target (and all brands) that we WANT to shop in stores and we WILL spend money on quality items. Hell yeah!


  2. I have marked this date on my calendar. Looking forward to seeing what fashionable clothes Target can deliver for us curvy ladies!

  3. Uhhh the collection had left much to be desired, yet again target you fail to impress me. But also living in Australia, I highly doubt the prices will be as affordable as what they’ve listed above.

    The printed tracksuit pants sound cool but we’ll wait and see how much they are here. Usually I don’t shop at target as the prices are relative to that of city chic and it’s way more expensive than purchasing Asos curve online .

    That aside I hope that target lovers do enjoy the new collection

  4. While I am glad that Target is finally stepping up I have to wonder why a special collection? Why don’t they just do plus sizing on the regular collections and require the special designer collaborations to offer everything in plus sizes? That would impress me much more. I can attest items will sell, the clearance racks aren’t full of larger sizes where I live!

  5. I’m hoping this will be amazing and affordable. It’s long overdue for a change. 90 percent of the Pure Energy clothing at the Target where I work is black and gray. I like colors! As someone else said, it’d be nice if they simply expanded their normal clothing lines into the plus size range.

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