Wheel Up! Lane Bryant Conference- Here I Come!

So I woke up this morning, EXTRA early (an amazing 6:30 am), excited, nervous, geeked and sooo happy to head to Ohio! Attending the first Lane Bryant Conference is such an amazing honor, and I am so amped!

The Lane Bryant Blogger Conference

Naturally, I am packing this morning, and I have not the slightest clue what to or not to pack! LOL. So, I go for my mood, and from weather forecasts, (I had to check) it is supposed to be warm, sunny, and HUMID (thank God for the natural hair!). So that means natural fabrics, and easy pieces!

So I fashioned a checklist to make sure I have everything:

  • A pair of denim
  • Two dresses (Just to make sure)
  • A Lightweight coat (just in case the weatherman lied)
  • A few layering tops
  • One pair of flats, two pair of heels (one black, and the other? Wildcard)

I got the clothes packed, next checklist:

  • Kinky Curly products for the hair- A MUST!
  • Aveeno travel kit, the best ever!
  • Switch handbags, for easy travel, thinking the Chloe Satchel
  • My soap- Oil of Olay, toothbrush, and toothpaste!

Okay, last checklist- the techie stuff and etc.:

  • Camera and charged battery
  • Laptop (gotta keep you updated! Catch me on Twitter and Facebook and the #LaneBryant hashtag)
  • Phone charger (God forbid my phone die!)
  • My planner, ooh where would I be without it?

My flight leaves at 12:30, which means I need to be there by 11:30, meaning I have to leave home by 10:45-ish!

I am soo excited to meet the Lane Bryant peeps and my fellow blogging buddies:

I am geeked! Have you left your comments, thoughts, ideas, and concerns?

Make sure you get your voice heard! Update: Have you read the Lane Bryant Conference Recap? it is good!

Leave a comment!

(Oh and for disclosure’s sake: They are comping the whole trip! FTC disclosure!, however this does not detract from my excitement level!)

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  1. Welcome to Ohio! I’m a Columbus resident & wish I’d seen your post yesterday, we could have met for a bite to eat after the shindig.

    Have fun! And the weatherman didn’t lie, it’s definitely humid!

  2. BTW, tell them they should have a curvy mom make-over event.

    Also, ask them to design more pieces for us plus women who have waists. The draping is fine for most, but my hourglass shape begs to have shirts that accent that area.

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